I’m All By My Self

Or I would like to be. At times, anyway.

I love walking to work in the morning, by myself more often than with Divo or Grendal.  Not that I don’t mind the company it’s just that I need those moments to myself to think. To enjoy things. Even wake up properly at times.

The past two weeks or so the mornings have been lovely. Cool and quiet, despite the highway so close by. I can listen to the birds chatter at each other.  I’ve watched the crows that hang out in the neighborhood. Hell, I even found a crow feather(which makes a total of three on my altar)! Its been relaxing.

Speaking of relaxing, I’ve been waking up in rather chipper moods and fully rested. Which is strange. I usually wake up a little groggy and in a neutral mood. My sleep habits haven’t changed and neither have my eating or drinking(coffee…..and booze…..). It’s strange but I shouldn’t complain. Something is shifting towards a positive.

There is one more week until the Renaissance Fair and I’m getting excited.  Have to mess around with my costume, but it’ll be worth it.  I’ve yet to have a bad time at the Fair and I doubt one will start now.  My nieces are getting ready with their costumes and Grendal and I are snagging my youngest niece’s wooden sword to paint it and make it look as real as we can get.  They’re excited too.

Other than that, the week has been mellow. Which is nice.


And weird……I was getting use to the hectic days.

Visions of Vanaheim now available

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Hey y’all,

I am proud to announce that the revised and expanded version of Visions of Vanaheim – previously published by me under the name Svartesol in 2009, and under popular demand to re-release since unpublishing it in 2010 – is now available for sale.

For those who have read the original from 2009, I kept some material from the original (a bit more polished) but there’s a lot more in the second edition that’s new.  This book was very difficult to re-write, a lot of blood sweat and tears, but very much a labor of love for the Vanir.

Visions of Vanaheim includes:

  • -chapters on the different Vanir gods, whether the Vanir gods explicitly named by lore (Frey, Freya, Njord) or deities (such as Sif, Ullr) counted among the Vanir by modern practitioners, as well as a few entities of “new lore” via SPG (e.g. Star Mother)
  • -information on Vanaheim…

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Psychic hygiene 101: cleansing


Something Grendal and I seriously need right now.

Originally posted on The Serpent's Labyrinth:

So let’s talk about cleansing.

Why cleanse?

-Because psychic ick accumulates, and no matter how good your wards and shields, you will pick up miasma here and there.  You can pick it up from other people, especially if you’re in a crowded store where people are cranky, or you’re around a friend who’s stressed out, or what have you.  You can pick it up when you’re sick.  You can pick it up when you’re stressed.  You can pick it up just walking someplace randomly and walking through the energetic residue of other people who were there.

-Because magical/psychic energy accumulates, which can be problematic when you have to “shift gears” and focus on mundane shit, and may hurt other people who aren’t shielded – going straight from a big intensive working to going out grocery shopping or to a birthday party or whatever without at least washing your face and hands is…

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I Feel Dirty

And not a good kind of dirty(take that as you will). More like dirty, I need to burn my clothes and be taken away by people in hazmat suits

Grendal and I house/dog sat for some old friends of ours. This family has three dogs. Little weiner dogs. One is a mix, but weiner dogs no less. I can deal with small dogs. My mother has this little mix breed that can be cute. And I don’t mind them. I want a smaller type dog, but not chihuahua size. Big dogs are more my speed.

Have you ever stepped into a place and just felt the ick in the air? Or that you would need to decontaminate if you touched something? Thats how we felt. There was the smell of urine in the air and no matter the amount or type of incense we burned, nor how much we mopped would get rid of it. Shoes or slippers remained on our feet at all times, and we didn’t sit on the couch without a blanket beneatg us.

Now, the humans of the household are clean themselves. They bathe and what not. Some of their house cleaning skills, though, are somewhat lacking(don’t get me started on what they did to their cast iron pans). And it’s all in reference to their dogs.

Don’t be surprised if you find messes in the house. That, my friend, was an understatement. Every morning we found messes. And if we didn’t figure out a schedule they would mess in the house during the day. The dogs had no tell when it came to them needing to dash to the backyard and answer nature’s call. No, it was up to us to figure out how long ago it was when we took them out last.

And don’t say it’s a small dog thing. My mother’s itty bitty mix dog? Smaller than these guys. She has a tell, can ask to be outted, and can hold it through a seven hour period at night. Yes she is desperate, but she learned that bathroom business happens outside.

So, thanks to the lack of proper training the pooches would do their business inside without remorse. The clothes we wore are being washed before getting further into the house and touching any of our other clothes.

Then there was the constant barking and begging for food.

Makes me happy that our Yuko was easily trained and that she retained it.

Time Warp

I seriously wanted to add a video of the Time Warp here but I decided against it. Plus I am more of a Sweet Transvestite fan. Woo!

So, in about three weeks Grendal, myself, my two nieces, and some old friends of ours will be making our way out to the Renaissance Faire! Fun stuff. There are a few pictures of our trip last year above. It was the first time for my nieces and they loved it. So many neat things to see, people to watch, and stuff like that. Both were really interested in dressing up the next time they went. Luckily we are able to get them out there again and they both have costumes!

So now we have to snag a proper camera and make sure our outfits still fit. Plus the inevitable upset with Grendal’s sister. The big reason why we take my nieces is because their mother can pay for tickets and such, not to mention the oldest is 13 and the youngest is 7, meaning we only have one little one to keep an eye on. Grendal’s nieces are 7 and 5. A little hard to have fun with two kiddos that tucker out quick.

Grendal’s sister won’t see it that way.

I always enjoy myself there. I rarely buy anything other than munchables and sweet drinks, and take a crap load of pictures. We eye booths and shops, watch the knights battle, and even watch falcons! I highly doubt it will ever get old.

Grumpy Troll

Trolls. I like trolls(not the internet variety, mind you). I vaguely remember having a troll doll or two when I was little. They weren’t the kind with clothes but they had a jewel on their tummy because you were supposed to be able to make wishes via tummy rubs(note: it didn’t work).

So Grendal and I had our one year mark of being officially married.  To celebrate we ventured into Wisconsin to a place not too far from Mt. Horeb.  A place I never knew about.  Honestly, a place I’m glad we found.

Mt. Horeb’s big thing is trolls.  It boasts being the troll capital of the world and even their main street is refereed to as The Trollway.  There are large and small statues of trolls along that street and it’s almost a game to try and spot them.  Shops even have trolls in their names!  Hell, a place we ate twice at is called The Grumpy Troll. Great food and beer that was brewed on location.  We left with shirts and a growler for Grendal.

The area has a rather large Scandinavian heritage, which was obvious with Mt. Horeb and even an attraction called Little Norway.  Sadly it seems that Little Norway is no longer there, having been closed for the past two seasons.  Which is sad.  Grendal and I wanted to check them out.  They boasted shops and food, even a large bonfire on Midsummar which is when we got married.  I literally just checked their website to link and was greeted by a letter from the owners of the area.  Little Norway is closed until further notice.  Makes me sad.

We did end up hiking one day, for five miles.  We wound up with soaked feet and pants but it was good.  I do have pictures but hooking up the camera to the computer seems impossible since I don’t have the cables and the micro card doesn’t fit into the tower.  I’ll find another way.

We also went through a cave!  My family did this a bit when I was growing up and we went on vacation.  I loved it, even though at a point I acted like I didn’t(oh teenagers).  So when Grendal and I went to Cave of the Mounds I was super excited.  Sadly I didn’t know I could have brought the camera but I did have my phone, so I managed a few shots.









So all in all the four days away was nice and much needed.

The other awesome thing, there were properties GALORE in Mt. Horeb.

In the future, maybe.

Like a Poison

There are days when I think about turning off Facebook. Stepping away and ignoring it for an unknown amount of time. I don’t need the stress that comes with perusing the endless stream of updates.

“My kids are awesome.”

“My life is horrible.”

“No-one understands me.”

“Why can’t I get a loyal guy?”

You get the picture. Hell, you have probably seen these, things like it, and what not. Kicking a dead horse, I am.

I get to see the other side of people. Sister-in-law is one of those people. They are tight on money but her dipshit husband has (another) online store selling random crap. Anything for a quick buck. None of that money, or any money, has gone towards their rent.

The bad thing about leaving behind Facebook is the connection to the good news. Friends I miss and their family, my family in Hawai’i, the joys of life.

Then again some of the things I don’t want to see could be considered the joys of life.

You see the problem.

It’s a poison of the mind. I mostly get grumpy and annoyed when checking on people.