It’s (nearly) That Time Again

The time for so many things!

In about a week Grendal and I are taking my nieces for their, and our, yearly renfair outing! My oldest niece is reusing a Halloween costume due to the fact that we are going during the fair’s ‘Steampunk Invasion”. She’ll fit right in. My youngest niece is still not sure on what she will be, but seems to be leaning towards a woodland archer. Grendal and I are doing Viking and Scottish costumes, and still have to fine tune things. Either way it’s going to be fun. We get the kids the night before and I will show them either Dark Crystal or Labyrinth for the first time. Y’know, to set the fantasy mood for the next day.

The trip looks like it might begin to take on a new reason as well. My oldest niece has been having some issues. The younger one too but the eldest had begun some self harm and has some bouts of depression, to the point where she yelled at her mother claiming that I was her birth mother and she was only raising her(not true). Honestly, it isn’t too surprising that she has these issues. I suffer from depression as does my mother and my brother-in-law placed himself in the psych ward at a hospital so he could get help with his bipolar issues(I honestly don’t know the extent and it isn’t something I want to bring up). So, I feel like this moment can be the time that I can reassure my niece and tell her that I know the pain and problems. She and I are more alike than anyone thought was going to happen. If one could have nieces act more like their own children, then that is what’s happening. Even the youngest has some of my tendencies.

On to lighter things!

The seasons are close to changing. I am hearing cicadas, the weather is slowly getting less humid, and the mornings are darker. While we weren’t able to do as much as we wanted to the house this year, we have fine tuned our plans and ideas. We are crossing our fingers that our tax return is better than last year, giving us the ability to get our deck made and Grendal’s forge going.

I may have said it before but fall through early spring I feel more alive and active. Grendal and the dogs are the same. We can’t wait for chilly evenings and I want to see if our property’s lone tree changes color.

I am also crossing ky fingers that I can scrounge up a little extra money to dress my altar up for the fall season. Apples for Idunn and something to celebrate the harvest season, especially now that Grendal has more of a connection with that aspect of fall. I know we will be decorating for Halloween, so I need to sit down and.figure something out for Hel. I haven’t worked with her but I want to do something for her and, in a small way, Baldr. I don’t know if people do that, but it seems to be fitting for some reason. No one has corrected me yet.

Well That Sucked

Sorry for the lack of posts. Not much has been going on but I have some ideas rolling around.

Grendal and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary a few weeks ago. We even had some awesome pictures of what we did.

Key word, had.  Our computer decided to bite the dust and everything on our desktop is gone. I hadn’t moved our pictures to our external hard drive yet.  So only a verbal recap will occur.

Don’t worry, though. On the 8th of August Grendal and I are taking my nieces to the Ren Fair again. There will be pictures.

Now I just need a computer to load them on.

Loki, Can You Hear Me?

Because I hear you.

I have never had an issue with Loki. I acknowledge him, love his followers, and have placed drinks on the altar for both Loki and Odin. There had been no communication between myself and Loki.

Emphasis on had.

A few weeks ago I had this tug/sensation of a want for one of Grendal’s oatmeal cake cookies. So I grabbed one and placed it on the altar as an offering. It took a few days before I gave the reason to Grendal and he was interested in the reason.

One day I heard a whistling and a laugh and thought it had been Grendal in another part of the house, though it had come from the direction of the altar. It wasn’t Grendal and I was a little weirded out.

Over the next few days to weeks there would be strange little things occurring. Little things that leaned towards Loki’s presence in my life. The strangest one was playing Destiny, an FPS game by the makers of the Halo series(for those who don’t know the game). Grendal and I were camping out in an area waiting for a specific enemy when two other players showed up. One with the name Loki or RedLoki, something like that. This player followed me around for a good 10 minutes, jumping how I jumped, running after me, helping me take down a few enemies, and dancing around me. It weirded me out because of the person’s persistence. Grendal watched this and tried to get their attention away from me but it didn’t work.  Eventually we left but it stuck with me.

It culminated when Grendal and I went to the Field museum in Chicago to see their temporary Viking exhibit. In the middle of the display of blacksmithing was a stone item with Loki’s face chiseled into it. It struck a chord with me that I wasn’t expecting.

I hear you, Loki. I promise I’ll pay attention.

Phoning In

I have never had a clear connection with deities or beings of that nature. Sure, I get faint tugs and faint impressions every now and again but nothing that screams “Hey, deity x wants this”.

Until last night. Now it took me nearly all day to figure it out but when it hit me, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I had a dream that included Timothy Omundson. Now it didn’t seem too strange particularly because we have been watching Psych for the past month or so. What was weird, though, was it was bearded Timothy and older than his Psych persona.

Now why it was strange, besides the obvious, was the fact that I made a mental note that the way he looks was how I envisioned Odin would be if he appeared today. Or, y’know, if I had control over casting choices of American Gods.

I mean look at that! Mr. Wednesday. Hello!

Back on track. In the dream Timothy was in the house looking around. Getting ready for something. Then he was leaving, telling me he would be back soon/later. I was excited and tried to distract myself in the dream. I remember getting annoyed with people because I was waiting for Him to return.

That was pretty much it.

Wonder what the heck is going to happen.

On a Lighter Note

Now that things have calmed down a bit I can talk about some of the better things that have happened during this past week.

Grendal and I were told that anything in his grandparents’ kitchen could be ours since we had recently moved into our first home. It was heartwarming in the middle of all the drama, anger, and overwhelming sadness. We waited a few days before returning to look at what was there. We waited so Grendal could work up the courage and not cry looking at the empty house.

So I began looking through the cupboards, feeling a little awkward all the while. One I opened had a small collection of cookbooks. My one weakness, and apparently Granny’ well. I pulled them down and looked through them. Most were rather recent and had to do with health issues. Recipes with low sodium, heart healthy, etc. I found two cookbooks, one older than me by 10 years, that had been put together by a small community in Wisconsin. The book had hand written notes on pages. Apparently the zucchini bread recipe on page 10 is worth looking at (I love zucchini bread).

In the midst of all the recipes I found what looked like a large pamphlet. Upon further inspection it was a folded up, poster sized paper. Alone and curious as a cat, I began to unfold it.

My little witchy heart was all a flutter.

Staring back at me was a large grid of common herbs and what could be harvested from them. A column for uses to ease ailments. How to dry them properly. Luckily for me no one was in the kitchen so they didn’t have to witness a 30 year old woman jumping around like a child. I showed Grendal once I calmed down and he was just as interested, especially since he is now known as the ‘Herb Guy’ at work due to making up a nice herbal tea concoction to ease a friend’s lungs.

While I do worship the Norse gods and the title of heathen is the closest thing I can relate to, kitchen witchery has always been an interest of mine. I have dabbled in it, putting in extra energies while baking or preparing a meal. Knowing that certain spices aid in certain things. I never got to the point where I am comfortable in adding kitchen witch to my title. Hearth and home, though, are big things to me. I think that mat be one reason why my home has to be just so and that meals are a very big thing to me. Especially in winter.

I suppose this little ramble is done. Like I said, happy things coming out of the recent drama. :D

How Does Your Garden Grow?

With the blood of my enemies.

So Grendal and I have decided that a garden is going to be our thing. Two gardens, actually! We have bought the flowers for his garden in front and we have the seeds for our veggies in back! It shall be glorious. At least, I hope. We have tried a garden once before but it failed. We both worked wonky hours at the time and no one in his family felt like helping. But when they started their garden, dammit, we had to help. That garden did well until sister-in-law stopped receiving praise and then it rotted for half the year.

But I digress.

So we are doing the typical veggie thing and I have finally started eyeballing flowers. They aren’t really my thing. I know only a few by name and even fewer by glance(I know of the Tiffany rose thanks to my elder sister wanting a plant with her name), so when Grendal wanted to look for seeds I just went along. He has a color scheme worked out: deep purples, rich reds, and blues. There is a marigold in there, adding orange to it, and a black pansy as well. Grendal said as long as it fit his color scheme I could pick out a few flowers that I liked.

Of course leave it to me to find ones with interesting names that I think look amazing!

The two that we ended up snagging seeds for was Molten Fire and Love Lies Bleeding(respective pictures to follow). See what I mean about the names?

Love the reds!

Reminds me of dripping blood……Not really. Who came up with this name?

Other than the planting for decorations I did manage to get Grendal to okay this ceramic toad leftover from the coffee shop. We also have this guy:

His name is Luigi.

His name is Luigi.

He is a garden troll! We had been looking at garden tools and I wandered over to where the lawn ornaments were.  Giving odd looks to the flamingos and side eyeing the modern lawn gnomes(Monroe impersonators and bikers galore), marveling at the large amount of toads (ours could have a friend!) then I saw the trolls.  They were on the top shelf and I had to stand on my toes only slightly to grab at them.  There were quite a few!  Luigi, (going off of memory and some of my own name after this) Stumpy, Mother Troll, Father Troll, “Odin” Troll(barkskin cloak and hat!!), Two-Fries-Short-of-a-Kid’s-Meal troll, baby looking troll. I think that was it but I could be wrong.  They all had a very natural look to them and were very much a garden and lawn addition.  Of course I grabbed Luigi, showed him to Grendal and promptly brought him to the pack.  He was just as smitten as I was, and just as alarmed by the Gnomes near by.  We took Luigi home with us and placed him near the front door.  I plan on buying Mother Troll and placing her in the garden since she has a basket full of fruits and veggies.  I will probably grab the Odin looking troll and placing him in the garden in front as well.

The trolls are a welcome addition, especially since I was trying to think of a neighbor friendly item to represent the wight in the area.  Whether there is one or I am attracting it is still to be seen, but I will be placing offerings around the trolls to entice them.  Probably Luigi for the flowers and Mother Troll for the vegetable garden. the “Odin” troll will just be a nice little addition and surprise for anyone searching for such and odd thing.

Grendal and I plan on being that strange couple with the awesome looking house/garden.  I think the trolls and oddly named plants will key into that!