The Dragon’s Corruption

One thing you should know about me, something that is major in my life, is my love of writing.  I have been writing the majority of my near 30 years on this planet and I can remember my first stories(not completely). My goal in life is to publish something, anything, of my work. The Dungeons and Dragons sessions we run are endless funds of inspiration. What I have below is the beginning of a story set within the current game and world, featuring the character I play and what happens in his life.


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Act Your Age

I think everyone has heard that phrase at LEAST once in their life. Whether it’s when you were a child, perhaps in high school, or maybe even in college. Nevertheless we’ve heard it. Why? Who knows.

I don’t remember ever hearing that phrase. No, scratch that. Grendal has said that to me when we’re goofing off or when I get overly excited about a game or something. Then again I have been told that I don’t look my age. Whenever I tell someone that I am going on 30 they look at me funny. I also don’t act my age.

Then again how is someone my age supposed to act? I love my games, my movies, my figurines, and dressing up. I want to go out and have adventures. I want to run around like a child on a sugar high and not care. My childlike wonder and amusement at slight of hand tricks and the natural world brings amusement and joy to friends. Why should I change?

I am a child at heart. No doubt about it. Sure I can act like an adult when the situation calls for it, but where is the fun in that?

While I may not have graduated from college or have an amazing job, I am at peace with myself. Yes money is tight and I can’t do as much as I would like, my childlike wonder of the world keeps me entertained.

Those guys working desk jobs and wearing their monkey suits can keep  ’em. Let me run around in bare feet, my ‘hippie’ clothes, and a nice field.  We can call it even.

They’re Called ‘Stick-em Powers’

Pardon the odd quote.  I’ve been replaying Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions.  It was on a relatively good sale and, being as I love Spidey in game form(and his humor to boot), I had buy it.  So I spent much of last night web-slinging around and giggling at the bad puns.  Made for a nice evening.  Seriously, if you like superhero games and haven’t tried ANY of the Spider-man games put out by Beenox, DO IT.  Really.  Very nicely made, great humor, FEELs like Spider-man.  I love it.  Sure, others may not agree but who cares. It is awesome.

So, Christmas has come and gone.  I had a nice time with Grendal’s family and a decent time with my own.  The end of the extended family visit got a little uncomfortable due to discussions over my grandmother’s health.  My aunts and my father aren’t happy with what is happening and are planning on helping my grandmother in any way possible.  Not a chipper thing to talk about during a family gathering but shit happens.

I finally got my hands on a Kindle and, in turn, new copies of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, which I have been given permission to read.  Sounds awful, I know, but Grendal told me things have deviated enough and the movie is close to the book’s end any way.  I’ve been slowly working on it.  They’ve just crossed a bit of water in Mirkwood.  Loving this to death and already wishing they had put this scene in or made that scene a little closer to the book’s intention.  Ah well.

Beorn was so much better in the book. Would have loved to see a better adaption of his introduction to Thorin and company. I think Ian McKellen would have had fun with that too.

The big gift that Grendal and I were given was a scrapbook my younger sister made.  It was of the wedding.  Had me a little teary-eyed but I don’t think she noticed.  Lovely thing.  I need to find a place to put it.

With the coming and going of the holiday it’s obvious that the wheel of the year has begun it’s spin towards warmer weather.  Hell, there was fog out this morning which made for an eerie sight with all the snow.  While we still have time left in chilly weather and, crossing my fingers here, more snow, part of me can’t wait for spring to arrive.  We’ll be able to plan a garden again.  This time I’ll be a little more proactive with the planning, especially since the current job allows for such.

Also with the holiday over sunday night gaming sessions can get back on track!

I must also keep up the winter traditions!  I’ve watched A Muppet Christmas Carol but now I need to get my butt in gear and watch Twin Peaks again(don’t judge me).

And then there is the new year.  I have something major planned.  Something that I have been wanting for the majority of my life.  While it’s not to the ‘t’ it is as close as I can get right now.

More to come.

Why Yes, It’s an Addiction

Video games.  My greatest foe right after books and right beside sci-fi and fantasy movies.  I don’t use the word addiction lightly but yes, I claim that my adoration of video games has been an addiction.  Not to the point that I have withdrawals or that I get angry if I can’t use the consoles or the PC.  No.  I lose time.  LOTS of time.  I remember in high school, back when Kingdom Hearts was out.  I stayed up late playing that game.  Ended up turning at 3am only to wake up at 530 to get ready for school.  Then there are the fighting games.  Things are as such that Grendal and I have a house rule:  We are not allowed to play against each other, and I am not allowed to play against another human.  I know, sounds harsh but I seem to get a violent temper.  This is not to say that I go out and punch/kick/maim people.  No.  My temper flairs and I start cursing like a sailor and I get so wound up.  This ends up with me needing a moment to cool down, either by stepping away or watching something.

I have gotten better.

I still play my games.  Both Grendal and I keep track of time when either of us get into a game(he can play for hours on end and not realize either).  Video games are an outlet for us.  We mod our games, delve into their lore, and pour over the artwork.  Hell, it was thanks to a video game that we met(Halo series, yo!).

My most recent addition has been the Mass Effect series.  I know, late to the party but that’s how I am.  The hype has died down and I can play without much of an issue.  And I did.  I tore through it and loved every moment.  I laughed, I cried, and I wanted to punch the Illusive Man so many times.  Same goes for Miranda.  I love the series and the choices they give you.  The ability to be ‘good’ or ‘evil’ and the fact that your choices effect the game all the way to the end.  I was a Paragon my first time through.  Now I’m going through on a Renegade run.

It’s harder than I thought it would be.

I like how I'm lookin' though.

I like how I’m lookin’ though.

I Have a Soft Spot for Dragons…..

and Dwarves.  It’s the truth!  You can throw Hobbits in there too for good measure.

Grendal and I did the whole ‘double date’ thing with a friend of ours and his lovely lady a few days ago. The four of us got together to watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and then we got some food stuff at Steak n Shake.  While I could sit here and regale with my review of the movie, I won’t.  I never like reading reviews for movies, games, what have you.  Why?  I usually like what the reviewers hate and I wouldn’t be surprised if the vast majority of reviewers were either paid off or letting their own prejudices/hang ups/opinions of the creator or series come through.  But I will kinda ramble about it for a second or two! Why? Because this is my small spit of internet and I need to get this information out of my damn head.

So, I am a fan of the Lord of the Rings.  Read the books, have multiple copies of the Peter Jackson films, the LEGO game, and that sort of stuff.  Hell, two years ago we had a combined birthday thing for my father in law and myself which ended up being Hobbit themed. Second breakfast feast and Lord of the Rings soundtrack playing.  My geek was showing to say the least.

Anyway, I saw the first Hobbit movie and loved it.  Gandalf was back, Bilbo wasn’t half bad, and Dwarves.  Loved those men to death.

Especially this one!

Especially this one!

I have been barred from reading the book until I see the last movie as a strange experiment between Grendal and I.  We wanted to see what would happen if someone who had no foreknowledge on the book (me) saw it versus someone who has(him).  Grendal enjoyed the first movie.  The second, not so much.  That is his rant though, and this is mine.

One of my problems with the movie was the strange editing points.  Hoping back from group to group is fine.  There is action happening everywhere and at once, which must be seen.  Gotta ramp up the excitment!  This can be done in wonderful ways.  The editing group this time around didn’t do an awesome job.  The emotional impact of the door opening to Erebor and Thorin taking a step inside after so long should have had me sniffling(I sniffled alot during the previous movie, thankyouverymuch).  This time around I sat there and waited.  Nope….nothing.

Another problem were the elves of Mirkwood.  I will admit that I am not a HUGE fan of Jackson’s take on elves in general.  I did end up enjoying Legolas in Lord of the Rings and Elrond is awesome in both trilogies(don’t tell Grendal).

Yeah, I'm okay with this.

Yeah, I’m okay with this.

For the most part though, I can do without them.  Thranduil was meh for me.  He looked awesome and I loved the costumes for him as well as his jacked up face.

Real or not, awesome!

I like this look.

Legolas, not so much.  A bit of a scene stealer and not the same elf I was hoping for(even Fellowship Legolas wasn’t so gruff).  Tauriel?  I was nervous about her from the get go.  I did like the idea of an elven woman in the warrior aspect and was getting a little more interested!  Then I heard about the little love interest bit.  Which turned into a freaky love triangle and Legolas being a major creeper in the background (of course I can’t find a picture of it, but you know what I mean).  Not a fan of Tauriel being foisted into a role where she falls for someone, has someone pinning over her, and turns into a strange, watered down version of Arwen.  So much potential.

Now onto Smaug.  Smaug the Great! Smaug the Mighty! Smaug the pretty golden candy coated lizard.  Loved the bits with Smaug!  Loved his voice.  I have never watched a thing that Cumberbatch has done.  Not even the newest Star Trek movie and I LOVE Star Trek.  So, everything with Smaug was beautiful.  My friend and I had major dragony type ‘feels’ due to the two of us playing dragons at one point or another during Dungeons and Dragons.  We understood Smaug’s need for the gold and not wanting any nasty people touching it.

Despite the wonders of Smaug the Golden and my  many, many Dwarves I left the movie with a general feeling of ‘Meh’.  And it made me sad.  I wasn’t super excited about seeing it but I wanted to be pleasantly surprised and blown away.  Now I wish I had the ability to re-edit little things for better flow and possibly negate the over use of elves. But that’s just me.

I’m gonna buy the movie once the extended edition is out, so I’m not THAT disappointed.

To appease people that may have turned grumpy, I give you the best(in my opinion) rendition of ‘Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold’ that I have yet to find.

Spawn Point

Well, here I am.  A blogger for years with the inevitable end of forgetting about said blog.  We’ll enjoy this while we can, yes?

What shall this blog be about?  As so many others, it is about my life.  My gripes, grumps, dreams, hopes, and flailing moments.  I am a gamer, so you can expect posts about video games and table top sessions(Dungeons and Dragons happen every sunday).  Movies are my therapy so if I see one or decide to ramble about it, you’ll see it.  Reading, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, might be talked about.  Love history, so there is that.  There will also be ramblings about my faith but that may be few and far between.  I am a wife, married for 6 months to a man, Grendal, I have been with for 9 years.  You’ll hear about him.

So, expect a hodgepodge of posts, pictures, and ramblings.  This is what I strive for.