I Have a Soft Spot for Dragons…..

and Dwarves.  It’s the truth!  You can throw Hobbits in there too for good measure.

Grendal and I did the whole ‘double date’ thing with a friend of ours and his lovely lady a few days ago. The four of us got together to watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and then we got some food stuff at Steak n Shake.  While I could sit here and regale with my review of the movie, I won’t.  I never like reading reviews for movies, games, what have you.  Why?  I usually like what the reviewers hate and I wouldn’t be surprised if the vast majority of reviewers were either paid off or letting their own prejudices/hang ups/opinions of the creator or series come through.  But I will kinda ramble about it for a second or two! Why? Because this is my small spit of internet and I need to get this information out of my damn head.

So, I am a fan of the Lord of the Rings.  Read the books, have multiple copies of the Peter Jackson films, the LEGO game, and that sort of stuff.  Hell, two years ago we had a combined birthday thing for my father in law and myself which ended up being Hobbit themed. Second breakfast feast and Lord of the Rings soundtrack playing.  My geek was showing to say the least.

Anyway, I saw the first Hobbit movie and loved it.  Gandalf was back, Bilbo wasn’t half bad, and Dwarves.  Loved those men to death.

Especially this one!

Especially this one!

I have been barred from reading the book until I see the last movie as a strange experiment between Grendal and I.  We wanted to see what would happen if someone who had no foreknowledge on the book (me) saw it versus someone who has(him).  Grendal enjoyed the first movie.  The second, not so much.  That is his rant though, and this is mine.

One of my problems with the movie was the strange editing points.  Hoping back from group to group is fine.  There is action happening everywhere and at once, which must be seen.  Gotta ramp up the excitment!  This can be done in wonderful ways.  The editing group this time around didn’t do an awesome job.  The emotional impact of the door opening to Erebor and Thorin taking a step inside after so long should have had me sniffling(I sniffled alot during the previous movie, thankyouverymuch).  This time around I sat there and waited.  Nope….nothing.

Another problem were the elves of Mirkwood.  I will admit that I am not a HUGE fan of Jackson’s take on elves in general.  I did end up enjoying Legolas in Lord of the Rings and Elrond is awesome in both trilogies(don’t tell Grendal).

Yeah, I'm okay with this.

Yeah, I’m okay with this.

For the most part though, I can do without them.  Thranduil was meh for me.  He looked awesome and I loved the costumes for him as well as his jacked up face.

Real or not, awesome!

I like this look.

Legolas, not so much.  A bit of a scene stealer and not the same elf I was hoping for(even Fellowship Legolas wasn’t so gruff).  Tauriel?  I was nervous about her from the get go.  I did like the idea of an elven woman in the warrior aspect and was getting a little more interested!  Then I heard about the little love interest bit.  Which turned into a freaky love triangle and Legolas being a major creeper in the background (of course I can’t find a picture of it, but you know what I mean).  Not a fan of Tauriel being foisted into a role where she falls for someone, has someone pinning over her, and turns into a strange, watered down version of Arwen.  So much potential.

Now onto Smaug.  Smaug the Great! Smaug the Mighty! Smaug the pretty golden candy coated lizard.  Loved the bits with Smaug!  Loved his voice.  I have never watched a thing that Cumberbatch has done.  Not even the newest Star Trek movie and I LOVE Star Trek.  So, everything with Smaug was beautiful.  My friend and I had major dragony type ‘feels’ due to the two of us playing dragons at one point or another during Dungeons and Dragons.  We understood Smaug’s need for the gold and not wanting any nasty people touching it.

Despite the wonders of Smaug the Golden and my  many, many Dwarves I left the movie with a general feeling of ‘Meh’.  And it made me sad.  I wasn’t super excited about seeing it but I wanted to be pleasantly surprised and blown away.  Now I wish I had the ability to re-edit little things for better flow and possibly negate the over use of elves. But that’s just me.

I’m gonna buy the movie once the extended edition is out, so I’m not THAT disappointed.

To appease people that may have turned grumpy, I give you the best(in my opinion) rendition of ‘Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold’ that I have yet to find.


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