Act Your Age

I think everyone has heard that phrase at LEAST once in their life. Whether it’s when you were a child, perhaps in high school, or maybe even in college. Nevertheless we’ve heard it. Why? Who knows.

I don’t remember ever hearing that phrase. No, scratch that. Grendal has said that to me when we’re goofing off or when I get overly excited about a game or something. Then again I have been told that I don’t look my age. Whenever I tell someone that I am going on 30 they look at me funny. I also don’t act my age.

Then again how is someone my age supposed to act? I love my games, my movies, my figurines, and dressing up. I want to go out and have adventures. I want to run around like a child on a sugar high and not care. My childlike wonder and amusement at slight of hand tricks and the natural world brings amusement and joy to friends. Why should I change?

I am a child at heart. No doubt about it. Sure I can act like an adult when the situation calls for it, but where is the fun in that?

While I may not have graduated from college or have an amazing job, I am at peace with myself. Yes money is tight and I can’t do as much as I would like, my childlike wonder of the world keeps me entertained.

Those guys working desk jobs and wearing their monkey suits can keep  ’em. Let me run around in bare feet, my ‘hippie’ clothes, and a nice field.  We can call it even.


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