Same ol’, Same ol’

So, I totally had an awesome post with pictures and all that jazz that showed what Grendal and I did New Year’s eve. First time ever we went out. Of course that is the time my phone decides it doesn’t want to post. So a verbal recount is what you have to settle for.

Grendal and I decided to fight againat the snow and head out to a friend’s place. We ended up playing two games of Mansions of Madness(first one to die both times), eating some awesome treats a la friend’s lady, rang in the new year with a nice drink(and smoke for the others), and then topped it off with Cards Against Humanity. Overall a nice evening, and it would have seemed more awesome if I had pictures.

And now is the time for resolutions and the whole ‘new me’ ordeal. This time around I am opting out. I want to better myself rather than making a new one. Same goes for the whole resolution thing. That will fall under bettering myself. I will instead make a list of goals, being rather reasonable.

Walk/bike to work
Go hiking more often
Lay out in the yard and watch the clouds
Meander in the garden(which hopefuly works out)
Write more often
Camp somewhere
Have a Lord of the Rings/Hobbit inspired 30th birthday
Go to a place where I can see a ton of stars
Celebrate our one year wedding anniversary
Make more mead

And the big thing: Publish the first half of my novel. Sure it will be a ebook but my dream has always been to have something published. Why wait now?

So my year looks to be full. I hope it will be awesome. Cheers!

EDIT: fixed the post. My phone is hating this place for some reason.  D:


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