A Cat of a Different Color

I grew up with pets. Cats, dogs, hamsters, ferrets.  I am very much an animal person. Hell, I was on my way to becoming a veterinary technician but that is another story.

I have lovely stories about each and every one of them and they all left their mark on my life. The one cat that I loved the most was a Persian named Itokuzo or Mr Ito for short(he totally earned being a mister). A very laid back cat. Never did much in the way of cat things. Wandered from sleeping spot to sleeping spot. At night he would want attention and open his beautiful amber eyes so you could actually see them. When we first brought him home I remember laying on the floor with a little kit of a cat sleeping on my stomach. So sweet. Made an obvious lasting impression.

Mr Ito passed away a few years ago due to health issues. I was and am upset that I didn’t get to see him one last time. I cried a bit that day and work was hard to fight through.

At the beginning of November Grendal and I were at a friend’s place. Someone stepped outside to have a smoke. When they came back into the apartment building they spotted a cat just chilling. They opened to door to ask our friends about it and the cat sauntered in. He made a dash for the cat food(our friends had a pair already). After a day or two of talking Grendal and I decided to take the cat in and hope our dog and cat(Yuko and Tinker respectively) would accept him. It took a while but it happened.

We have had Peregrin for three months. Our little Pippin is a permanent fixture, being a sweetheart and very laidback. He is sleeping on my stomach right now and I can’t help but think of Mr Ito. Pippin seems very much like him, right down to the strange tail wag.  Almost as if Mr Ito has come back.

Pippin is still a fool of a Took.


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