Here’s Your Hippie Dippy Weatherman with Your Hippie Dippy Weather, Man

Yes, another post about how cold it is in the Midwest. That and the fact that every blog I’ve had receives a post with this title. Go me!

But yes, cold as hel today. Negative temperature with wind dropping the temperature even further. Odd thing is, I have yet to have a problem with the weather. True I haven’t stood out for a good length of time and the wind hasn’t been an issue, but it doesn’t feel that bad. And it’s not like I’m bundled up. I have a decent jacket, hat/scarf combo, and gloves. Nothing spectacular. Still, I have faired better than others.

I used to hate the cold. Being born in Hawai’i and then raised in California and Georgia, you would understand. Nowadays I hate the heat and love the chill of Autumn and winter, though my sisters are the complete opposite. I can thank living in the northern parts of Illinois and Grendal being something akin to a Viking for my love. Seriously, others see it. I am not batty.

So I am waiting for the temperature to go back to positive numbers and it will feel like springtime.  Then the raids will begin.


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