I Can’t Crit

So I’ll just be waiting with our gear, okay?

The last few sessions of the current D&D campaign have been boring for me.  My character, Ruslan, has been out of the fight due to the fact that his claim to fame is his ability to crit and, well, we’re fight ghouls and they are uncritable(yeah, new word there).  So, Ruslan being Ruslan and wanting to live to see another day(and his daughter and grandson) decides to Abundant Step back to the group’s gear and mounts to wait the fight out.  He could tell that his strikes were doing nothing, which translates to me only being about to do two points of damage after all was said and done.  Ruslan had witnessed his party members becoming paralyzed and he didn’t want that.  No, sir.  This wasn’t helped by the fact that two of my fellow players made it a point to tell me that I wouldn’t be able to do much in the fight before it started and then most of the group got upset that I ‘noped’ out of the fight.  I understand COMPLETELY but knowing Ruslan he would see his inability to do anything, that he would quickly become a liability, and remove himself from the problem.  He kept watching the fight and I said to the group that if things looked dire he would be back.

Yeah, didn’t help.  The group was still grumbling.  Ruslan has no magic, no enchanted weapon.  He would have just been there to hit and he is not the meat shield by any means.  He is just a beast when it comes to striking(15-20 crit range, whoop whoop) and chucking his pick.  And he gives no shits.

I’ve been slowly working on the story that this campaign has inspired.  Slow going and my mind is jumping from point to point as I’m trying to remember what’s happened so far.  Replacing some characters and changing a few things up a bit.  It’ll be fun once I get things out there.  Plus I’ve been debating about creating this into an e-book just for the hell of it.  Getting to certain points of the story and releasing them for like two or three bucks.  I have the ‘end point’ for the first one set up.  This will probably be easier than my other story which is at it’s half way point for publishing and at 20+ chapters.

Ye gods.


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