I Need an Adult!!

I have been with (roughly) the same D&D group for the past ten years.  We’ve been friends for sometime.  Going through life’s moments and being the social outlet for each other besides work and the coming and goings of the internet.  We’ve lost ‘members’ and gained them as time went by.  The youngest in our group, and the newest addition, is only 22.  The oldest is in her 40s.  It is rather diverse in the age area, which is good!  Best of all, we can all relate to each other and our hobbies (besides Dungeons and Dragons) are similar.

Over the years we’ve been through some amazing stories.  Fun romps to epics that span years both in and out of game.  We’ve been heroes!  We have dealt justice to evil doers.  Raised dragons and communed with gods.  We’ve stopped the end of the world!  There is one thing, though, that is always missing.

Adult situations.

We have our fair share of violence and bloodshed, don’t get me wrong.  Maimings abound, both allies and enemies.  Still, after 10 years anything else considered adult is no where to be seen.  I’ve tried introducing such things as a DM and as a player.  Grendal has as well, with slightly better results.  My first attempt as a DM failed horribly thanks to the players (long story there).  I told the group that ‘adult’ situations are and would be possible within the campaign.  They said they were okay with that.  Everyone seemed to freak out or clam up when it occurred.  The only ones who took charge and reacted in a positive way was Grendal and Gigs (long time player and friend), and they were happy to ‘join in.

The situation wasn’t explicit in the slightest.  Nymphs were presented tot he group and everyone failed their saves (as per the plan).  The two willing players had their characters take ‘their’ Nymphs and disappeared to their respective rooms.  Fade to black.  No description, no sound effects, nothing.  The others?  Confusion mostly.  They just sat there and waited for the scene to continue.  One player actually had their character curl up in the fetal position and rocking back and forth.

What the heck?

I’ve played characters who had sexual tendencies.  Nothing crazy.  One character slept with another and got knocked up (no descriptions).  Another character wanted to sleep with multiple people and seduce/corrupt the knight who had been his best friend since childhood (got close on that one).  My current character, Ruslan, has slept with an NPC and has come close with another.  Nothing explicit.  EVER.

It got me wondering why it never happened.  Such things are present in fantasy novels, movies, and the like.  Is my group just prudish?  I mean, we tell raunchy jokes all the time and two of us (myself included) write smut/erotica and others read such things.  Is this something that is rather common within the gaming realm?

I don’t want a game where sex happens ever other session and where the characters are being solicited endlessly.  Just knowing that it’s there, it is happening, and players can let their characters have a good time would be awesome.  Again, nothing explicit because then is becomes awkward. . . . . especially when the DM is your significant other and you’re getting frisky with a good friend within the game.  Yeah, that was an uncomfortable moment for my friend.  Grendal and I were okay.  I’m not my character and, thankfully, I can separate the emotions when I need it.

I do like the added dimension to the world and characters.  And it’s all optional!  Then again, I create character and put in way too much detail into them.  Parental history, hair/eye color, genetics if need be.  Reasons to why they went with the class they did, their ‘day job’.  Reasons why the do/n’t worship a deity.



2 thoughts on “I Need an Adult!!

  1. robertsonwrites says:

    I have had adult situations come up in DnD sessions in the past. It always is fun and games until someone gets herpes…

    • Djarfskald says:

      I think at this point I would pay to have that happen with this group. They seem to treat stuff like that like the plague.

      C’mon people! My character just wants to have a little fun beyond the killing of innocent creatures.

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