My Current Addiction

The Mass Effect series.  A little late to the party, yes, but that’s how I do things(intentional or otherwise).  I’ve mentioned before that I had beaten the series once and I was going through on my Renegade run.  Still working on that.  Halfway through Mass Effect 2 these choices became easier and I enjoyed the whole thing once more. I also took pictures because that’s how I am.  If I can take screen shots of something I love, I will.  I have a HUGE amount of Skyrim pictures and even Sims 2 pictures(don’t you judge me).

So, rather than bog down people’s computers, phones, or other devices, random pictures below the cut.  Why? Because I find these stuff entertaining and dammit, I am spreadin’ the love.  Anything coherent from these pictures are given at my weird tumblr site and upon request. I just love the weirdness.

ME12 ME13 ME14 ME16 ME19 ME25 ME26 ME29 ME31 ME34 ME36 ME37 ME38 ME40 ME41


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