Nerves of Steal!

I love horror movies.  LOVE THEM.  The horror genre in general is my buddy.  The majority of my PS2 games was survival horror based.  I had the Silent Hill games, Fatal Frame, Kuon, Haunting Ground, Rule of Rose, etc.  Nothing thrilled me more than sitting up late at night, lights out and Grendal sleeping, with one of those games going and the sound low.  Edge of my seat, heart racing.  Any little sound around me made me jump.  I was scared by our dog at the time, a big loveable ball of fluff named Lucky(a beautiful Huskie).  He managed to creep up the steps as quiet as can be, which is a feat in and of itself, and then come over to me.  I was crossing a bridge during a Fatal Frame 2 playthrough.  The bridge was over a body of water and this water logged ghost begins to emerge.  Cue wet sensation sliding down my arm.  Not wanting to wake Grendal, who had work in the morning,  I freak out silently and look down to see the dog happy as can be.

Horror movies could never get to me like games did.  I had so much invested in the game.  I was the one wandering through the abandoned town or building with little to keep me safe.  I had to run and hide or sneak past the creatures.  The breathing of the character matched mine in those moments and I felt like we were being pursued by the same thing.  Movies?  I usually feel more like I’m just  watching what happens, which is how it goes.  I know the cues.  The music changes or cuts out all together.  The characters themselves are tense and have a feeling that something is around.  Wait for it!  The thing jumps out, music crescendo, cue scream. Also, don’t forget to keep your eyes on things in the background!  There might be a shadowy shape, a face, or something in a mirror!! It had gotten to the point where I, and Grendal, could call the scares before they happen.  The downfall of anyone loving any genre I believe.

Now, this isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy horror movies.  I love them to no end.  Grendal isn’t much of a fan and puts up with a watching or two, but I’ve gone the route of having to view these things on my own.  He can be pulled into watching a Japanese horror flick (a personal favorite) but when he does watch, he is disappointed by the ending. It is a rare moment for Japanese horror movies to have a ‘happy ending’. ( I love it but he prefers the western take)

Along the line of horror is HP Lovecraft.  I love his work and the Cthulhu mythos.  I have a book of (a few) short stories, have watched the black and white film done by the Lovecraft Society, and have enjoyed my share of Delta Green games.  They’re not horrifying in any way but it’s an interesting peek into what was once considered disturbing and scary.

That is until I stumbled onto a movie called The Banshee Chapter.  It is a movie based of Lovecraft’s short story ‘From Beyond.’  It’s one I haven’t read and me being me, I was instantly interested due to the Lovecraft connection.  So I get my hands on a copy and play it.

(The following is my account of what I saw, as jumbled up as it is.)

Getting old news clips, interviews, etc.  Get some cam footage(I don’t care what anyone says, I love that stuff and Blair Witch was interesting in it’s time).  I like cam footage type movies.  A little closer to video games!  Dude takes a drug, friend films so dude can talk about what’s going on and get accurate notes for a book he’s writing. Nothing is happening, dude and friend a little dejected.  Creepy ice cream truck music starts playing(wtf?) followed by static and then a voice reciting numbers(Numbers station…..oooooooooo).  Dude and friend go downstairs trying to find source, which is a radio.  Dude stands there, window behind him, and says that something is coming.  Shadow dashes across the window.  Dude and friend freak out and the camera starts to cut in and out.  It’s obvious SOMETHING is chasing them but you can’t tell what.

Oh look a trail of blood! ‘This means something cool is gonna happen,’ I think to myself. Dude cuts into frame, face distorted with mouth open and black spaces for eyes.

Cue my reaction of hands flying to face and stumbling for the mouse when the film goes to black.  This was only about 9 minutes into the film.  The movie is still sitting on my computer, waiting for me to watch it.  All I can think is damn. I may have found something that will get to me!

Then again it’ll be my luck that I watch the rest of it unphased.


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