Trying my Hand

Working in a coffee shop is a blast.  Wonderful customers, the best employers I could hope for, and fellow workers that I enjoy being with.  And then there are the drinks.  The smell of coffee so early in the morning, the calm of it all before I open the doors and the owners arrive.  While I may not like rising at 430 in the am, it’s worth it in the end.

There is the possibility that I may achieve the title of store manager.  The owners have to discuss it but the wife of the duo has a main job as an accountant, and this is a busy season for her.  She told me she needed someone to field questions and get things done so she can have moments to work with her clients.  There would be a change in my schedule so I could for see shift changes.  I told her that I would have no problem any of it.  Now I wait and see what happens.

One of my coworkers, bless his heart(he is something else, but that’s another story), has started working on latte art.  He can make a heart, which is more than I can do.  I watch him though and I’ve found myself thinking that I could do it too.  I just feel awkward attempting such things in front of other people.  So here I am, watching videos and going over it in my head.  I think I’ll try my hand at some latte art in the morning tomorrow, before he arrives so I can save myself the embarrassment and his watchful eye. I don’t want to upstage him.  No. I was always one of those kids that wanted to hide my project or my skill until it was just right and than I would present it in it’s full glory!

So, if I achieve art be prepared for pictures.


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