The Tastes of Warmer Weather

There are certain things that remind me of warm weather for some reason.  Certain foods and drinks.  Fried pepperoni and coca cola, lemons and strawberries, anything grilled, and iced lattes.


Don’t mind the freaky death’s face that appeared.

My adventures into latte art are slow going.  I’m getting a bit better with certain things but I can’t really DO anything.  I think it may be one of those ‘I’m trying too hard’ moments.  I think I just need do what I normally do and jump from there.  Who knows.

Speaking of warm weather it’s been oddly warm here in Northern Illinois.  I mean, for two days I’ve worn skirts that are more summer weather type deals.  Didn’t want to wear one today due to it being slushy and rainy outside and I am one for long flowie skirts.  Wishful thinking, I suppose.

This past session of Dungeons and Dragons went a little better than normal.  We got to our destination the previous session but we were finally able to ‘explore’ and by ‘explore’ I mean follow a trail and hide from things that could squish us.  Two other players, out of character, were wondering why we had followed after this particular NPC.  The question was towards me and I answered honestly.  ‘He has some information I want and no one disagreed with my suggestion.’  It’s all true.  Hunting down this character isn’t essential to ANYONE but me but the others just went along with it. I have been the de facto leader during the past two campaigns.  The one who comes up with the plans for where to go and everyone just rolls with it.  Last time it was nearly a party kill, but that’s how it goes.  Two people seem to remember it differently, saying they were the leaders of the group.  I suppose when it was during the political aspects of the game, yes, but when it came to questing I was more up front and pulling the party with me.

Meh.  We’ll see if we survive.


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