First Time for Anything

I read.  I read a lot.  Or at least I used to.

Any way, I have favorite authors (King, Rice, Poe, and more) and genres (horror, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery).  I remember growing up with books upon books in the house and weekly trips to the library.  Libraries were amazing to go to.  Even to this day I can find myself lost in the walls of books of a good library.  Grabbing a book and sitting on the floor to flip through it.  I instantly turn to a child.  So happy and care free.  Give me a good book, something to curl up on, and I’m set.  Perhaps a blanket or something to drink if you’re nice.

Out of all the genres out there I have never touched a romance novel.  I have read erotica, mind you, and I feel like they’re different enough.  Hell, I write erotica under the anonymous title on a few different fandom kink boards.  I use the veil of anonymity feel a little more secure and not care if my work is bad because, well, they can’t track me down.  They won’t know me by my actual name and they’re buried enough to not even link to me now, for the most part.  I have gotten compliments and urging to continue the drabble and I enjoy it!  My work, no matter what genre I attempt to write, has been a means of escape.  My imagination runs wild and the characters act these moments out.  Those sexual moments, secret as they are, are nicer once I get them out onto virtual paper.  As hooky as it sounds, I feel like I know myself better once I admit to certain things.

Yesterday on my newsfeed on the great Book of Face one of my old college buddies, a reader of  many books and librarian in the works, posted a link to a series and author she loved.  It was a romance series, which is common for her.  Usually I don’t pay much mind to those posts but I noticed that the first book of the series was free on the Kindle.  At that point a part of my mind chimed in and reminded me that I was having curiosities about romance novels.  I didn’t want to spend money on them, though, because it was uncharted water.  This was my chance!  Free book!  Can’t argue with that, can you?  Needless to say there is a copy of this book on/in my Kindle.  According to my digital buddy I am about 37% through the book.


I’m beginning to wonder if romance novels aren’t my thing or perhaps it’s the fact that I have read some quite a bit of erotica, but the book is proving to be of little interest.  Now it’s a medieval setting, the lead female is of Viking decent(didn’t know that going into the book but it was a pleasant surprise) and the lead males is a Norman knight.  Already seeming a little ‘romance novely’ in my book but I was giving a good go.  I’ve made head way, got to a scene with some third base action and finished that chapter.  I honestly don’t know what to think.  The book is written to be a quick read, no doubt, but it’s so rose-tinted glasses.  Now, I’ve read some stuff that has got me blushing and a little fidgety before and I honestly didn’t know what to expect.  There wouldn’t be anything raunchy, I knew better, but I guess I was waiting for something within me to stir(hurhur, okay I’ll stop).  I got nothing. I’m going to power through the book to see if it gets better once Husband/Knight guy gets some ‘proper’ action but who knows.  Romance novels are written for the average woman and it seems like fluffy, cuddly, hot under the collar type stuff is what to expect(I could be/probably am wrong). I mean even the atrocity that was 50 Shades wasn’t what it could have been, given to an author that knew how to spin a good yarn about bondage, S&M, and the like.  Who knows.

Was I too harsh?  I mean, I’m not trying to knock romance novels nor their fans.  I’m sitting here, a little sad honestly, that I didn’t find a new genre that I would enjoy.  A guilty pleasure that I would have to sneak because Grendal would look at me like I was crazy.  For now, I read on and venture to the areas of this vast internet that has erotica that I know I’ll enjoy.


3 thoughts on “First Time for Anything

  1. VOID RPG says:

    I have enjoyed spending some time reading this week, but it hasn’t been erotica. Lol
    BTW, Thanks for liking our Kickstarter Project post. I hope you like the full video!

    • Djarfskald says:

      I saw that it started! My group is always looking for new games and this is totally something they would enjoy. Spreading the word the best that I can!

      • VOID RPG says:

        Thanks so much! I remember you enjoying some of the initial concepts when we were midway through development! 😀

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