Life Can Kick Ya

So, I’ve been missing around here for about a month(give or take) but there is a good reason behind it. About a month ago Grendal’s uncle passed away suddenly. It was the second uncle in four months. His youngest and now oldest uncle are gone. The previous death hadn’t effected him like this one. This uncle seemed to mean something more.

I am honestly at a loss when these things happen. I have yet to lose a human in my life. I have had many pets pass away and it tears me to pieces every time. Never getting the chance to say good bye to two of them. Both seeming like siblings. One was a Sheltie named Pikala and the other a Persian named Itokuzo. They were close to me, put down while I was away at work. While the incidents are different, I can’t help but empathise. The uncle passed in another state. No one was able to say goodbye, not even his wife who was beside him when it happened.

So, Sunday was the day when everyone was finally able to come together and celebrate this man’s life. And that is how I think a funeral/memorial should be: a celebration of that person. Yes it’s sad and horrible that he is gone but he would have hated seeing everyone so sad. There was music, singing, the man’s beautiful artwork, and memories shared. While I didn’t have the opportunity to get to know him too well, he was the type of person I would’ve wanted to learn from. He was a modern day hippie, out to better mother earth and create beautiful things along the way.

Doug, where ever you are, you were one awesome man. You make me want to create once more and live better. Peace be with you.


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