Why Yes, I Do Have a Hoard

There is little doubt that I collect things.  These things range from comics/manga to movies and video games.  Perhaps I do have a collection of earrings that happen to be pair-less.  It’s what I tend to do.  I’ve always had odd fixations on gathering things and keeping them.  No reason.  I remember finding a balloon in the backyard when I was younger, partially deflated but still buoyant.  Rather than popping it or ignoring it, I took the item and kept it in my room.  Why?  I felt sad for it.  It was all by itself and close to the end of it’s time.  I wanted it to have a place where there was sound and life.  I was weird.  And I wasn’t a child.  This was when I was in middle school.  Odd, I know, to personify ITEMS.  I’ve always been like this.  Stuffed animals are the worst.  They have faces.  I get attached to them.  It’s weird.  Grendal uses it to his advantage and makes the stuffed bear he bought me years ago talk and make me feel guilty for not grabbing the dog’s bone before she was settled in for bed.

I get it.  We’re weird.

Anyway, my hoard.  I don’t hoard shiny objects, precious stones, or things like that.  For me it’s recipes.  Not books, no! Just the recipes.  While in my previous work space there would be magazines in the break room.  Mostly food magazines.  These things had pages upon pages of recipes.  I would flip through these things and begin to tear out the recipes I wanted.  I thought about taking pictures of them or trying to write them down.  No, tearing the page out was the best thing.  No one complained, there were no signs.  No one knew it was me.

So I began to bring these pages home, showing Grendal the awesome item I found this time.  He thought it was strange and didn’t say much, unless said item looked tasty and I needed to make it soon.  I would put these pages on a book shelf and when they became unruly I found an old shoe box.  I just kept collecting recipes.  They were/are useful and items I want to make.  I just kept finding more and more.

One day Grendal handed me a red binder and told me to use it.  I opened it up and found these clear sleeves for loose pages.  I spent an hour slipping the gathered recipes into these things, using about 3/4 of what was given.  There is no rhyme or reason to my ‘cookbook’ but it has everything in it.  I have printed pages from sites on line(which reminds me I need to print a few more up).  Since I left the job at the grocery store I have no supply of cooking magazines.  A shame.

Though someone did give us old cookbooks and the coffee shop.

Books our owner doesn’t want to sell.

Books that will be given to goodwill eventually.

I may or may not have snagged a few for my hoard.

(and I wasn’t the only one)


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