This Is My Design

Go me for a Hannibal quote(love the show but more on that another time)!

So, I have mentioned before that I game. Usually every Sunday but life happens. We have been playing this previous game for nearly two years and have gotten nowhere. Grendal was tired of it all and decided to stop it, which is sad because I was enjoying the story. Plus my work in progress novel is that game.

So, now we are gameless. For the next few weeks we’ll be chatting and playing board and card games. There will be Mansions of Madness and Munchkin in my future. Probably some Cards Against Humanity too. Good times. But it leaves us without a tabletop game to play. We have three of us, myself included, working on ideas. A game of Delta Green may happen, which is awesome, and then some other haphazard attempt.

Me?  Well, during the thirty minute drive home I managed to get an idea rolling around.  So much so that I was ready to study, brush up on stuff, and Grendal was giving me idea for social/political structures within the world.  Our problem is that, more often than not, our games run for a long time. Years.  So the game I’m planning would purposely run in chunks.  One mission.  Get the info, complete the objective, PROFIT!  End of game.  The characters would be kept with me and, if another hiatus happens, the characters would return for their next adventure.  Same world, different place.

So far what I have set up for the first mission is this(very bare bones):  The group, who is a group of mercenaries/bounty hunters/swords for hire, hears that the ruler of a kingdom needs help.  The payout is good so they get the job.  The kingdom has been suffering failing crops, animals becoming hostile, their animals being spirited away, and certain creatures/beings connected to nature terrorizing them.  It’s pretty straightforward: go to this underground dungeon and retrieve these items.  Well, if the group is smart enough and investigates they’ll learn of a large forest nearby that holds an old coven/grove of Druids.  Further investigation garners the group the information that land and animals that were connected to the Druids were stolen, killed, or destroyed.   Perhaps there is a reason behind the kingdom’s problems.  Anyway, the group goes through the dungeon and gathers the items.  Turns out that these items are essential to summoning something/someone.  Turns out it is to help summon a powerful Blighter(evil Druids FTW) that had been sealed away.

Then comes the big choices:

Do they give the items to the king and let him destroy the Druids, their grove, and the forest?

Do they give the items to the Druids?

Do they try and open up diplomatic talk between the two?

Either way a character that I’ve been wanting to play can be made and introduced as an NPC.  A man by the name of Nikolai and a Paladin/Druid of Obad-Hai.  He watches the group when they exit the dungeon in the form of a dire wolf.  He would be the one talking with the group if they try and have ANY interaction with the Druids. And if the group decides to screw over the Druids and give the items to the king, Nikolai would hunt them down for revenge.  They would also have to deal with a Blighter who is suddenly out of control.

Game is set at 4 sessions at the most, depending on how much the group goofs around, and opens the world up for so much more.  Fun times.


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