Drama Drama Everywhere

I don’t like drama.  Familial drama is even worse.  I’ve had my fill with my own family and have moved on for the most part. We still have our issues but it’s not NEARLY as bad as it had been two years ago.




Honestly I would rather stay away from this subject and was debating about this post in general but I need to vent.  Grendal has hear all of this because, well, he’s part of it.  Not in a bad way.  It’s actually his family that is having the drama.

Grendal’s older sister(he’s the youngest of three) has been married to a man for about 9 years, with him for 13.  They have two children, called Trogs by Grendal and I, and two dogs.  They live in a small house.  By small I mean they have one bedroom for the four of them, a tiny kitchen, a small bathroom, and a decent sized living room/living space.  Small.  And they haven’t paid rent in 10 years.  Now, estimating what they owe in back rent Grendal came up with 48k.  This is money that his parents would have used to help fix the small house, expand it as it so desperately needs for even a small family.  But no.  No rent.  Things get worse.

Husband is bad with jobs.  He’s had some good ones and stuck with ’em, but finds a reason to leave and would be out of a job for months.  Sister-in-law wants to be a stay at home mom.  A very noble thing but hard to do unless husband has a steady job and they can manage money.  They can’t do either.  She refuses, sometimes, to get a job and when she did, husband didn’t watch the kids that well(he was home but let them do what ever or let them outside to play without supervision[they are currently 7 and 5]) and, in part, she would find SOME reason to dislike the job enough to want to leave.

It’s been frustrating for Grendal’s parents, who struggle with their own finances, and for Grendal and I, who try scrape and save what we can.  The foursome has slowly been leeching money and food from the household.  Now, Grendal and I rent out the upper portion of his parents’ home, essentially an attack.  We share the living space, kitchen, and bathroom.  I pay for groceries and Grendal helps with some of the bills.  We pay, roughly, 400$ a month.  They pay nothing and live off of LINK, food pantries, and whatever handouts they can get(it’s happened more than once and not just from Grendal’s parents).

So after 10 years of this, sister-in-law has decided enough is enough.  Husband needs to go.  This isn’t healthy.  Husband is in the hospital due to a reoccurring health issue that has been managed for years and seems to go out of wack whenever something bad is about to happen, or he’s fed up with his job.  During these few days alone, sister-in-law seems to grow bolder and stronger.  The whole ‘I’m a strong woman. I don’t need no man’  type deal.  She plans to kick him to the curb and says as much to us(which is something everyone was somewhat happy to hear).  Husband comes home and there is tension.  After two days he does leave after a late night conversation.  The next morning sister is over in tears because husband left.  Around 9 that morning he returns with ‘Give me 30 days. I will get a job and become a better husband and father’.  She accepts him without pause.

And here we are.  Tension is high within THIS home and things have suddenly turned around for them.  Husband went from saying ‘it’s so hard to find a job’ to suddenly being employed after one day’s search(fishy if you ask me).  I am frustrated to say the least and I know that things are going to get hairy from here on out.

Grendal’s parents are seeing to it that the foursome leave the small house, thus giving Grendal and I the chance to have our own living space as well as save for a home and begin to get used budgeting for the essential things.  This means that the foursome move somewhere else or that husband leaves and the foursome becomes a threesome and living with my mother and father-in-law.

Their electricity is due to be shut off some time this moth.  They haven’t paid all winter because they had no money.

I want to scream.

I want punch something.

I want something to go right for Grendal and I so we can gain some footing and get out into the world.

This fuckin’ blows.


2 thoughts on “Drama Drama Everywhere

  1. Akriti says:

    Read 3 of your posts. Loved them.
    Nice blog 🙂

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