Tastes Like Springtime

It’s starting to get warm here in northern Illinois. Mother Nature has thrown 60+ degrees at us and everyone is running around in summer clothes, myself included.

The coffee shop is feeling the heat already. With the oven running for baked goods and rolls for soup it’s bound to happen. That paired with the fact that the ceiling is the roof. Nothing between them. Summer may be the death of me. I think I may have to invest in a crap-ton of hair ties to survive.

We’ve been working on spring type treats. Iced coffee and lattes, blended drinks, and our baked is tackling the food. Nothing screams warm weather more than iced lattes, strawberries, and lemons. Not together. Well, definitely the strawberries and lemons, not the coffee.

Soon are the weekends filled with hiking and long days. Coming home smelling like nature, sweat, and the occasional bonfire. I can’t wait. I think I need it. I love winter a lot but the house is feeling restricting and depressing.

I need something to feel happy about.


One thought on “Tastes Like Springtime

  1. Akriti says:

    i really like this post 🙂

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