(S)He Was a Zero

Also known as: Return to Previous Spawn Point.

And yes, that was a Hercules reference. I couldn’t help myself.


Well, here I am.  A blogger for years with the inevitable end of forgetting about said blog.  This time will be different, I swear.

This time around I am known as Djarfskald.  A name I concocted while not quite joining a local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism.  While that was nearly five years ago the meaning still rings true, Wandering Poet.  While I am not a poet I do write and, if given the chance, I wander.  I am a child of three, the daughter of two retired Air Force officers who thought it was a good idea to show their kids the national parks of the US(loved every minute of it).

I am a wife, married to a man I refer to as Grendal for nearly a year.  He is the stable portion of my life and my best friend for nearly 10 years.  He rekindled my love of nature, working with the earth, and history.  While we have no human children we do have a gathering of four legged animals we treat like our children, our cats Tinker and Peregrin Took, as well as our dog Fuyuko.

As stated already writing is a passion of mine.  I have written little stories since the third grade and I’m going strong as I near my 30th birthday.  My goal, before I finally call it quits and leave this life, is to publish something.  There is no greater dream in my life than holding up a book and saying ‘Hey! I wrote this!’.


What shall this blog be about?  As with so many others, it is about my life.  My gripes, grumps, dreams, hopes, and flailing moments.  I am a gamer, so you can expect posts about video games and table top sessions(Dungeons and Dragons happen every sunday).  Movies are my therapy, so if I see one I’ll ramble about it.  Reading, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, might be talked about if the urge strikes.  I am in love with history, so there may be an educational moment hidden here.

Above all, this is my LIFE.  There is nothing hidden when I post.  I am laid bare to the world.  I want to connect with people since there are so few I can connect with here.


4 thoughts on “(S)He Was a Zero

  1. Tara says:

    I used to be in the SCA but had to move and didn’t feel the same way about the new barony as I had the last. I still go back once in a while to see friends in a mundane way, but am out of it other than that. I also swear that I will be better about blogging this time around. Good luck to both of us!

  2. aishasoasis says:

    My son loves all this same stuff, but he doesnt blog, so hopefully I’ll learn more about it from you! Sounds like great fun, also I had to check your photo twice, your intro sounds so much like my youngest brother’s daughter – lol you even look a bit like her, isnt that strange?! Nice to meet you and greetings from egypt!

  3. Much thanks for the follow!

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