Sugar High

Warm weather is trying to creep back in after the odd April snow we had two days ago.  Customers at the shop are getting into the warm weather spirit too and are asking/requesting iced drinks.  We have that.  We can make iced teas, iced coffees, iced lattes, smoothies, and stuff like that.  The one thing we were ready for were these bad boys:

I drink the blood of my enemies....the bubbly, bubbly blood.

I only drink the blood of my enemies….the bubbly, bubbly blood.

I think I may have a way to make a Smaug the Golden drink. Now, to experiment!

I think I may have a way to make a Smaug the Golden drink. Now, to experiment!

Italian sodas(and it’s creamy cousin).

Mama(the wife half of the couple who own the shop) came in this morning armed with shop necessities and club soda.  I peeped into the shopping bag and pulled a bottle out with a grin on my face while my coworker(we’ll call him Divo because that’s what he calls himself half the time) looked on perplexed.  All I had to say was ‘Italian soda’ and he was grinning like a cat.  Given the okay we promptly began looking at recipes and figuring out what we can do.  Since I’m usually the one in charge of snapping shots of new store items and posting them on the shop’s Facebook page we decided to go all out.  Not just any soda would do and we wanted it to look good.  So, a vibrant red it was and, with the cream added, it turned into an interesting gradient.

Let me tell you, this sucker was good.  The only thing I wasn’t keen on was the amount of syrup that went into it.  Talk about sugar buzz.  Since sugar has been less and less in my drinks this smacked me.  I got a headache pretty quick but couldn’t help sneaking sips from Divo’s cup.  Why not mine?  I shouldn’t have been drinking it because of the red dye(luckily no hives this time[I know, bad Djarfskald, no]) and the two of us should have stayed away from the cream soda version thanks to dairy and our bodies rebelling against each other.

Mama liked the result and has to go about calculating costs and we have three pages worth of quick recipes and basics for everyone to follow.  I’m crossing my fingers that this will call forth warm weather.


Not too hot, though. Heat and I don’t mix, especially my hair.  Talk about transforming into a puff ball!  Yeeek.


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