Dressing for a Raid

Pillaging isn’t a guarantee but raiding is a promise!


So, day three of the Blogging 101 course of sorts.  Asking about what we had in mind when we started blogging.  I started blogging at some point in high school(over 12 years ago) and it was more of a journal online where people could read it if they wanted to.  Don’t know if anyone ever did but hey, it was there.  While I have started and stopped a few the only thing that has kept me going is just that need to ramble and write what’s going on in my world.  So yes, a journal of sorts where people can read about those moments and ramble with me, or at me.

Not really a ‘why am I here’ type post but more of my usually gabbing.


So yes, I’ve been scouring the internet again for outfits since RenFair season is creeping up on me.  Sure, it’s in July but one can never start too early when it comes to clothing.

Last year and the year before I ran around a nearby fair in an outfit Grendal’s mother made me.  I love it, though it does have a tendency to be hot and a bit much. While it is rather accurate in the form of color and material, it’s not quite what I really wanted.  What do I want, you wonder?  Fantasy style stuff.  Either that or something along the lines of Nordic styles.  I’ve done enough research on my down time to figure out some nice clothing ideas and, a few weeks ago, Grendal and I went to a fabric store and picked up a nice bunch of patterns.


Look at that! Now I need to learn to sew.

Look at that! Now I need to learn to sew.


I’m rather happy with the apron patterns because I can easily modify it to be a nice Norse style item.  Grendal’s mother has a nice bunch of costume patterns that we can use when need be or, if we must, I know of sites where we can slap together what we want.

I can’t wait.

Food and fun.  And my nieces!

And blood! Well, stage blood. Those jousting tournaments are getting pretty awesome.


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