That’s One Way to Start the Weekend

So, work went relatively well today. Busy, which is good. We got fresh stock in and I tried a new soup. Grendal even walked out to the store with Yuko and Sweets(our four-legged niece). We had a nice jaunt home and got ready to do some work.

Grendal has me outside to spot what he’s doing but his father was there making me a little redundant. So I decide to look around and take some pictures with my phone. Saw some bird nests on the play house and saw a bird building one. I watch it a bit. The thing eventually swoops down to a five gallon bucket to fluff itself with water. I don’t see much except another bird go to swoop at the same bucket but quickly fly off.

Nothing happens in the bucket. I can see a head.


I decide to make sure the bird can fly off. As I get closer the thing just sits there. That’s when I noticed that the bucket was filled with something not quite water and the poor thing was drenched in it.

There were no second thoughts. I stuck my hands in the muck and scooped the bird out. It was sticky and I was panicking. I shouted at Grendal, who was on the roof, but I don’t think it was coherent. I told the two what I had in my hands and we somehow bumbled through the house and to the bathroom.

Grendal’s mother said to use Dawn soap. I did. It’s helped a little. The bird is breathing, awake, and can move a little. I worry. Some of its feathers are gone and I can’t remove all the sticky stuff. We have a woman coming out tomorrow who volunteers at a local bird rescue. She’ll be able to take over.

I just hope the guy lasts the night.

And this seals it. I’m not happy with Grendal’s sister and brother-in-law. The bucket of muck was theirs and they have little remorse. I should have kicked it over in their driveway.

And this is also the point where I wish I would’ve finished those Vet tech courses. Maybe I wouldn’t have freaked out as much.


2 thoughts on “That’s One Way to Start the Weekend

  1. Lhu Wen Kai says:

    Your writing is just… phenomenal. Are you planning to write a book? Because you really should. I’m serious the writing is fantastic haha. I’ve haven’t read a book in three or four months now (more of a newspaper person), but now I might actually go to the library to get me some reads. You’re really talented.
    Take care 🙂 And you’re followed. Please, post more of your works.

    • Djarfskald says:

      Thanks for reading and I’m happy you enjoy how I write. 🙂 It has been a life long goal to get a book published, which means I do have a lot of unfinished pieces and works in progress.

      I hope I don’t disappoint.

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