No Sir, I Don’t Like It

I don’t like hospitals. I don’t think many people do but who knows. I had a few surgeries growing up. I think there were seven in total. All on my ears. Apparently I had issues with draining and constant ear infections, thus the need for tubes. In and out. My eardrums are scarred to hell and I still don’t have all my hearing back(lost 70% at a point, got majority of it back).

My younger sister and I visited my grandmother on Tuesday. It was hard seeing her in such a state. Not being able to talk or walk on her own. The last time I saw her was around Christmas and she was her usual self. I could tell she was annoyed and upset that she couldn’t talk. She was upset with most things. I did get a smile from her when I was saying goodbye and a good hug. She’s doing better but it still troubles the family. My dad is losing sleep. It’s hard.

She is starting rehab today. Here is to hoping that things run smoothly.


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