So Many Chances

Last time I posted it was obvious that something was wrong. Like I had mentioned, Grendal had an interview with a train company. The job would have op


so many doors and for once we could be comfortable. We made little plans, wishes, and prepared to sacrifice our first anniversary for training. Not to mention the fact that I wouldn’t see him for weeks on end.

Grendal didn’t get the job. Dreams dashed again. Hopes kicked aside.

Then there is the trouble with Grendal’s sister. She has yet to pay rent and his parents are trying to negotiate the rent issue. There should be no negotiations but that’s just me.

So here we are, money thrown at a prospective job and a negative outcome. We are now trying to save up for our anniversary, which is less than a month away. Nearly 600$ for the room, nothing yet considered for food. Grendal says we can do this. I have to believe him.

To top things off, I got a tattoo. I had made the arrangement before things went south and didn’t want to back out. Not to mention I’ve been waiting for this for over two years. With some grumbling Grendal let me go through with it. I now have the outline of Odin’s ravens on my arm. The artist has done a beautiful job. He did more than I hoped, adding in the world tree, the ravens’ names in runes, the sun, and both ravens holding an eye. In another month I get this baby colored and pay the other half which is awesome!

So I have calmed down a bit. No more tears for now and my frustrations are kept in check. Grendal is pushing forward and continuing to apply at the company. We just have to wait.

I am starting to hate waiting.


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