Cave Diving



Popping In

Just real quick!

Our last few weeks have been busy/wonderful.  Grendal’s parents have been out of state, leaving us with the house.  We’ve enjoyed the peace and quiet, plus we used this as an experiment.  We are now confident that we could manage a home with little problem(bills and all, no less).

Today marks the beginning of our 4 day vacation in celebration of our one year mark of wedded life.  Little different than the past 10ish years of being together, but hey, it’s the little things.  So we’re running around this morning packing, cleaning, and getting ready.  I’m worried about taking Yuko to my sister’s for the weekend since our last long trip she was at home with grandma and grandpa(ie Grendal’s parents).  This time she will be out of the house and with her cousins (human and dog alike).  I’m worried like a mother and Grendal is telling me to keep calm.  Yuko will be fine.  Everything will be fine.

So I may be spotty with comments(hur, like I have a wonderful track record) but pictures may crop up out of context.

Everyone loves out of context pictures!

Land to Call My Own

I think I’ve mentioned this before: Grendal and I want land.  Not much. 4 acres would be lovely!  A nice area with some trees(maybe some fruit trees), a small house towards the back of the property, a garden to manage, and, if the area allows it, chickens!  Goats too, if we could handle it.  Love goats.

Now comes the hard part.  I get to tell you, my readers, our position in this world.

Believe me, I don’t relish talking about it but I suppose this was going to come out eventually(if I haven’t explained it already, which is a definite possibility).

I have been living with Grendal for nearly as long as we have been an item.  We’ve also been living in his parents’ home this entire time.  It’s been within the last three or four years that we acquired the upper portion of the home as our own.  It isn’t much.  A small bedroom, enough for our queen sized bed, a dresser, Yuko’s crate, and boxes of unpacked things.  The other room has the computer, our gaming systems, television, and multitude of movies.  We have a love seat that Grendal’s brother sold us and a nice table that I use for personal space, not to mention a make shift closet.  The rest of this area is bookshelves mainly filled with other people’s stuff, boxes upon boxes(some ours), and then the stairs to the main floor.

I suppose I should say we rent the attic space rather than the second floor.

The four of us share a bathroom and a kitchen.  Rent consists of Grendal paying a good chunk of the cell phone bill, another 100$ or so out of pocket, and then the amount of money I spend for the four adults here.  Depending on the month that amount could be up to 400$ on it’s own.  A lot of money for something not too special.

That is roughly the same amount that Grendal’s sister is supposed to pay for her ‘home’.  She hasn’t yet.  We’ve waited 10 years thus far, what’s another few months.

I’m not holding my breath and neither is he.

Can you tell how happy I am with that?

So that is our housing situation.  It is something that I don’t like to talk about, especially with people that we know.  It’s a little embarrassing that someone going on 30 and another going on 28 are in such a position.  There have been many times when I overheard coworkers complaining that some 20 year old is still living at home and that they should get out and live on their own.  I don’t talk to them about where I live. If I do I just say we rent the upper portion of Grendal’s parents’ house.  Many of the people we know don’t come over because of this.

This isn’t to say that we’ve never tried to leave.  We have.  We’ve saved up money only to have an emergency happen.  The car needs to be fixed.  We have to help pay for something at the house.  I can’t count how many times I had to dish money out to help pay a bill that Grendal’s parents didn’t have the funds for.  We’re always shunted back to step one and feeling hopeless.

Like that damn train job.  The would’ve helped us a helluva lot.

We’re trying to fix this now.  Grendal and I have agreed that, after our vacation and my tattoo, we will open up a savings account.  Each check I’ll be putting some money in and, once September rolls around, Grendal will be putting money in as well(he gets a pay hike at that point).  We’re giving ourselves about a year to save and see if we have enough for a down payment, somewhere.  We want land.

Like I said, 4 acres would be just fine(he wants more).  We can live without the chickens and goats but we want to garden.  There are books scattered around the house about farming on small swathes of land which is what we would love to do.  Then there is our home.  Something we’ll build ourselves, bit by bit.  Summers will be a boon due to Grendal not having to work.  We could build what we can in those few months.  Once we have a kitchen, bathroom, and enough space to sleep(a wood burning stove to heat the place), we could move in for the most part and keep building.  Every little bit would go into that home.  Then it would be ours, not the bank’s.

Dreaming big!

Grendal would be able to venture into smithing and working to make bows on his own(and other woodworking stuff).  Me?  I’d be tending the garden and possible animals.  We’d be in peace, not having to bother with the troubles of his family.  He’d be able to breathe.

Like I said, a year away.

Just have to hang on until that years is gone.

We can do this!!