Popping In

Just real quick!

Our last few weeks have been busy/wonderful.  Grendal’s parents have been out of state, leaving us with the house.  We’ve enjoyed the peace and quiet, plus we used this as an experiment.  We are now confident that we could manage a home with little problem(bills and all, no less).

Today marks the beginning of our 4 day vacation in celebration of our one year mark of wedded life.  Little different than the past 10ish years of being together, but hey, it’s the little things.  So we’re running around this morning packing, cleaning, and getting ready.  I’m worried about taking Yuko to my sister’s for the weekend since our last long trip she was at home with grandma and grandpa(ie Grendal’s parents).  This time she will be out of the house and with her cousins (human and dog alike).  I’m worried like a mother and Grendal is telling me to keep calm.  Yuko will be fine.  Everything will be fine.

So I may be spotty with comments(hur, like I have a wonderful track record) but pictures may crop up out of context.

Everyone loves out of context pictures!


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