Like a Poison

There are days when I think about turning off Facebook. Stepping away and ignoring it for an unknown amount of time. I don’t need the stress that comes with perusing the endless stream of updates.

“My kids are awesome.”

“My life is horrible.”

“No-one understands me.”

“Why can’t I get a loyal guy?”

You get the picture. Hell, you have probably seen these, things like it, and what not. Kicking a dead horse, I am.

I get to see the other side of people. Sister-in-law is one of those people. They are tight on money but her dipshit husband has (another) online store selling random crap. Anything for a quick buck. None of that money, or any money, has gone towards their rent.

The bad thing about leaving behind Facebook is the connection to the good news. Friends I miss and their family, my family in Hawai’i, the joys of life.

Then again some of the things I don’t want to see could be considered the joys of life.

You see the problem.

It’s a poison of the mind. I mostly get grumpy and annoyed when checking on people.



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