Grumpy Troll

Trolls. I like trolls(not the internet variety, mind you). I vaguely remember having a troll doll or two when I was little. They weren’t the kind with clothes but they had a jewel on their tummy because you were supposed to be able to make wishes via tummy rubs(note: it didn’t work).

So Grendal and I had our one year mark of being officially married.  To celebrate we ventured into Wisconsin to a place not too far from Mt. Horeb.  A place I never knew about.  Honestly, a place I’m glad we found.

Mt. Horeb’s big thing is trolls.  It boasts being the troll capital of the world and even their main street is refereed to as The Trollway.  There are large and small statues of trolls along that street and it’s almost a game to try and spot them.  Shops even have trolls in their names!  Hell, a place we ate twice at is called The Grumpy Troll. Great food and beer that was brewed on location.  We left with shirts and a growler for Grendal.

The area has a rather large Scandinavian heritage, which was obvious with Mt. Horeb and even an attraction called Little Norway.  Sadly it seems that Little Norway is no longer there, having been closed for the past two seasons.  Which is sad.  Grendal and I wanted to check them out.  They boasted shops and food, even a large bonfire on Midsummar which is when we got married.  I literally just checked their website to link and was greeted by a letter from the owners of the area.  Little Norway is closed until further notice.  Makes me sad.

We did end up hiking one day, for five miles.  We wound up with soaked feet and pants but it was good.  I do have pictures but hooking up the camera to the computer seems impossible since I don’t have the cables and the micro card doesn’t fit into the tower.  I’ll find another way.

We also went through a cave!  My family did this a bit when I was growing up and we went on vacation.  I loved it, even though at a point I acted like I didn’t(oh teenagers).  So when Grendal and I went to Cave of the Mounds I was super excited.  Sadly I didn’t know I could have brought the camera but I did have my phone, so I managed a few shots.









So all in all the four days away was nice and much needed.

The other awesome thing, there were properties GALORE in Mt. Horeb.

In the future, maybe.


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