Time Warp

I seriously wanted to add a video of the Time Warp here but I decided against it. Plus I am more of a Sweet Transvestite fan. Woo!

So, in about three weeks Grendal, myself, my two nieces, and some old friends of ours will be making our way out to the Renaissance Faire! Fun stuff. There are a few pictures of our trip last year above. It was the first time for my nieces and they loved it. So many neat things to see, people to watch, and stuff like that. Both were really interested in dressing up the next time they went. Luckily we are able to get them out there again and they both have costumes!

So now we have to snag a proper camera and make sure our outfits still fit. Plus the inevitable upset with Grendal’s sister. The big reason why we take my nieces is because their mother can pay for tickets and such, not to mention the oldest is 13 and the youngest is 7, meaning we only have one little one to keep an eye on. Grendal’s nieces are 7 and 5. A little hard to have fun with two kiddos that tucker out quick.

Grendal’s sister won’t see it that way.

I always enjoy myself there. I rarely buy anything other than munchables and sweet drinks, and take a crap load of pictures. We eye booths and shops, watch the knights battle, and even watch falcons! I highly doubt it will ever get old.


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