I Feel Dirty

And not a good kind of dirty(take that as you will). More like dirty, I need to burn my clothes and be taken away by people in hazmat suits

Grendal and I house/dog sat for some old friends of ours. This family has three dogs. Little weiner dogs. One is a mix, but weiner dogs no less. I can deal with small dogs. My mother has this little mix breed that can be cute. And I don’t mind them. I want a smaller type dog, but not chihuahua size. Big dogs are more my speed.

Have you ever stepped into a place and just felt the ick in the air? Or that you would need to decontaminate if you touched something? Thats how we felt. There was the smell of urine in the air and no matter the amount or type of incense we burned, nor how much we mopped would get rid of it. Shoes or slippers remained on our feet at all times, and we didn’t sit on the couch without a blanket beneatg us.

Now, the humans of the household are clean themselves. They bathe and what not. Some of their house cleaning skills, though, are somewhat lacking(don’t get me started on what they did to their cast iron pans). And it’s all in reference to their dogs.

Don’t be surprised if you find messes in the house. That, my friend, was an understatement. Every morning we found messes. And if we didn’t figure out a schedule they would mess in the house during the day. The dogs had no tell when it came to them needing to dash to the backyard and answer nature’s call. No, it was up to us to figure out how long ago it was when we took them out last.

And don’t say it’s a small dog thing. My mother’s itty bitty mix dog? Smaller than these guys. She has a tell, can ask to be outted, and can hold it through a seven hour period at night. Yes she is desperate, but she learned that bathroom business happens outside.

So, thanks to the lack of proper training the pooches would do their business inside without remorse. The clothes we wore are being washed before getting further into the house and touching any of our other clothes.

Then there was the constant barking and begging for food.

Makes me happy that our Yuko was easily trained and that she retained it.


2 thoughts on “I Feel Dirty

  1. caelesti says:

    I love dogs, but it saddens me all the people who own them but don’t take care of them properly. They want the cuteness without the commitment. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. I also am getting impatient hearing about people in precarious housing/financial situations who acquire pets or insist on keeping them no matter what.

    • Djarfskald says:

      I know what you mean. I was gunning towards a veterinary tech job and got to see and read about some nasty situations. It’s aggravating and the people don’t seem to see an issue with what’s going on, no matter what you show or tell them.

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