Going on a Quest!

Now, I don’t watch tv. We own a tv, play games on it, watch movies, and maybe a random show, but we don’t watch tv. I suppose it should be more of a ‘I don’t watch cable’ thing. That’s not to say I never watched cable. I used to love watching educational shows/channels, cartoons(even now I watch them), shows on conspiracy theories, anything SciFi, and stuff like that. Reality shows, though, were never a thing for me. I hated them. Pointless shows. Always focusing on contrite things and never entertaining, at least for me.

Last night Grendal and I went to a friends’ place(the owners of those lovely dogs I mentioned two posts earlier). We had dinner and chatted about our trip to the fair tomorrow(PREPARE FOR PICTURES). They are the family that eats before their television. It was fine. A rerun of a season 2 episode of Big Bang Theory was on, a show that I could rant about for a while(first season and half was beautiful), but it was easily tuned out. The show they wanted to watch wasn’t on for some reason so we began looking for something else. We saw a title and it grabbed my interest as well as Grendal’s(he thought it was something else, which is also good). I know it’s bad to jump into something based on title alone, but we did it.

The Quest.

Like I said, reality type shows I hate and Grendal hates them with a fiery passion. The Quest, though, is something different. Yes it is a reality show. There different contestants and you get to see their interactions with each other, for better or worse, as they go through the week’s challenge. At the end of that week a person is voted off. Rinse and repeat. Then you have that magical something, which is what caught our interest.

LARP. Or, what it seemed to me, running around semi-in character at a ren fair.

Now while it was only episode two we still missed important bits about the show and story itself. I am reluctant to be so excited about it but it was entertaining. We will be watching more.

Also, why are they all paladins? What if someone wanted to be a danger or druid(totally me)? Not to mention they showed a preview of the next episode. The paladins are picking locks. Not very paladin like.

And that, my friends, is why a D&D player shouldn’t be on the show.

Unless they can ignore such things….maybe.


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