Back to the Future

It’s a good movie, but the movie is irrelevant right now but I needed the title!

So yes, RenFair time was had over this past Saturday and it was a decent time.  I say decent and not great because my bodice broke and I ended up being stabbed in the lower back by two plastic ribbing pieces(note to self: use ACTUAL corset next time).  It was hot but there was a breeze, a small one, but it helped.  There was not a cloud in the sky which ended up with me feeling ill by the end of the day thanks to too much sun exposure.  Don’t give me that look!  I need to keep this pasty white complexion the way it is.  I did end up sleeping 12 hours after and felt fine!

My nieces enjoyed themselves to no end! They got some treats, had their own costumes, the eldest got her leather bound journal(with hand made pages!!), and the youngest got her little puppet and a pair of horns!  The only disappoint was the final joust, which was to the death.  This year, sadly, none of the players had their eye “ripped” out and they went a little easy on the stage blood.  Ho hum.

Grendal and I are going again on the 23 with Divo and one of Grendal’s coworkers.  No children this time.  More fun to be had, by means of not having to ghost a 7 year old.

But yes, PICTURES!  I have some.  Not a lot.  Only 294 shots.  Not all of them are as great as they could be.  I promise more after the next trip.

Those pictures(not all 294) and less rambling below the cut!

Lady squire!!  Not ours, but she was a badass.


Our knight, Ser Maximillion! We wanted evil knight, we got the ham.






He didn’t make enough points so he pouted with us commoners.




That makeup on her neck!!


Goody goody knight perkin’ up my mood. Saw me taking a picture and flashed that smile.








Fight to the death! Ser Maximillion looking tough



Badass lady squire killed trying to protect her knight.  OnO





Two passed out kiddos.  I think it was a good day!




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