Dear Niece

Dear Little Onna,

I found out over the weekend that you like bad guys. I just wanted to let you know that I like them too. Don’t feel bad if you hear grandma or your mom talk about how weird it is, I understand. You are a year ahead of me when it comes to liking villains.

I was in a grade higher than you when I decided bad guys were cool but it wasn’t the best way to get to that point. Being little kids in elementary school we decided to play something akin to the Disney movies we loved. We had our knight, sidekick, townsfolk, but we still needed our princess and evil witch

Another girl and I wanted to be the princess but only one could be it. Kids being kids, we decided that princesses had to sing and that was the way to pick. Apparently I didn’t sing well enough. I decided to be the best evil witch there was.

And I was, my little Onna! I also went on to be a part of many choirs, impressing many people and driving a few to teary eyes. Not many princesses can do that. You will notice that the bad guys have the best songs.

We aren’t alone either! Grendal likes bad guys too, and there are people you don’t know that love them. Some even dress up as them and get their pictures taken by other people who love bad guys. We understand.

It’s okay to get upset when the bad guy loses. It’s okay to cry if they die. They have feelings too. Some are more evil than others. Some are just misunderstood. Some have a life that will make you understand why they did it. It’s okay to like some more than others. And it’s okay to root for the hero.

Enjoy the villains. Look at the evil witches and see that, sometimes, they aren’t as bad as some say. Sometimes those women are just strong willed and don’t take the crap men dish out. Sometimes they got hurt and want revenge. Yes, sometimes they are manipulated into it or do evil things because they enjoy it.

Bad guys will never change in your movies, t.v. shows, and video games. You will change, my little Onna. And if you still love the bad guy, you and I can be evil witches together and sing the best songs.


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