Doing Adult Things

Adult things.  Y’know, like paying bills and stuff.  Not “adult” things.  This blog is considered PG, maybe PG13 if I’m feeling rather animated(ie ranting and getting liberal with the “curse words”).

Anyway, last Thursday Grendal and I took a major step forward in our life: we talked with a loan officer at our bank.  Better yet we got pre-approved for a home loan!  I’ve been rambling on about looking for our own place for a while now and it finally seems like it’s going to happen.  Starting with the next round of checks we’re both putting roughly half our paychecks into a joint savings account.  That’s another “adult” thing we’ve decided to do: a joint account.  Savings only, though.  We figure that when it comes to the regular accounts we should have our own because, knowing how paranoid I get, if an amount of money seems to be missing thanks to Grendal wanting to surprise me with something, I will know.  I watch my account like a hawk and worry over little things.

So yes, we’re taking that large step into becoming “proper adults”(oh how littered this post shall be with quotation marks).  We’re happy, my family is happy, our friends are happy, and, I think, Grendal’s family is happy.  It’s hard to say because this is where it becomes a little strange.


Up to this point I have somewhat danced around and/or shied away from talk of spiritual things. I know not a lot of people enjoy that talk and I have lost a friend or two because of it.  So, if you don’t mind reading about it then follow the break.

There seems to be something that follows Grendal’s family around, and we both think it is connected mainly to his parents.  Bad luck abounds with them, though there are good times and stuff.  Yet when things get bad, they get bad.  The only person in Grendal’s family that is doing well is his brother and it seems like moving away is the key.  Not like AWAY but off the property.  He interacts with the family for birthdays and holidays, but not much more than that.  He is doing wonderfully in life.

Grendal and I have felt something oppressive in the house and, to a lesser extent, the property.  We will be grumpy and catty with each other but the moment we leave the property we’re perfectly fine.  We’ve tried bringing this up to his parents but they either don’t sense it or just ignore it.  We’ve cleaned our living space, both physically and otherwise, and it seems to be temporary.  It isn’t long before we’re on short fuses and ready to lash out.  We made sure to stop and examine ourselves and what not before jumping to any conclusion, but nothing pointed to anything seeped in the “mundane”.

Short and sweet end of the deal: there may be a curse of sorts on either Grendal’s parents or attached to the property.  Like I’ve said, we brought this up to Grendal’s parents but the idea of something like that goes against their belief system(they’re part of the Spiritualist Church).  For them it seems a lot of light and love, positive thinking is the only way, we are our own god.  While I don’t claim to be an expert on that belief system nor have I been exposed to any of their church functions, it seems to me like they’re turning a blind eye to such things.  There are no malevolent spirits, only kind ones there to help you or one that are just misunderstood.  I believe otherwise and Grendal does as well.

Since the parents aren’t keen on the situation we have refrained from trying to purify the common spaces mainly because it would be hard to keep up.  We keep our own space cleansed and bolster ourselves when we go into those areas.  So far it’s been rough but we’re managing the best we can.

While I never claimed to be unlucky, I can’t say that luck was ever on our side.  Recently, though, things have seemed to slowly turn towards something more neutral.  Contests have never been won by either of us but we have had times were people have been awesome.  We go to a particular woman to buy soap at a local farmer’s market and she has either given us a discount or a free soap on more than one occasion.  We’re shocked and thank her profusely each time, counting ourselves lucky to have been given such a thing.  Another thing that just happened, Grendal and I went back to the faire this weekend(shush) and there was a Cartography shop.  They had old world maps, recent maps, futuristic maps, and even maps from popular culture, all of them hand made.  We went straight for the fantasy maps, quickly finding one of Middle-Earth and Tamriel.  Grendal grabbed a mapcase which netted one of the previous maps as ‘free’ thanks to one of their deals.  That isn’t the awesome part, though.  Grendal wanted to see a map based on the world in The Wheel of Time, a series he loves.  One of the gentlemen found it and I grabbed it, showing it to Grendal.  He gushed but said another time.  The man who showed me the map told me we could have it on the house.  I later told Grendal and he was shocked and amazed.

It seems that ever since we decided to be “adults” and take on the world on our own things have shifted in our favor.  We have a loan for a home, and prospective properties to look at, and little things seem to be going our way.  While they may just be how the fates are working, I still can’t help but shout a mental ‘thank you’ to the deities that I follow.  I’ve had urges once more to delve into my readings and the incessant push to clean my altar has been tugging at my brain for some time.

When we get our own place I have to keep to my promise.  I will connect with the wights of the area, and any other land spirits that may be around, and place offering for them.  Then the Norse deities  will finally have a proper altar within a place I can call home.


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