It’s Been a While

Like a month. Okay, a little more than a month. Life has been hectic. Lots of ups and downs.

We have looked out houses! We found many that were not right, a few that were, and of those few good ones, fewer still we have considered. There was one that was nearly perfect! It had enough rooms(ugly rooms, but nothing paint wouldn’t fix), a little more than an acre of land, and a basement. It was in that basement that we found the foundation bowing and nice shafts of daylight weaseling in.

There went that dream.

We are seeming to be nearing the end of our search, though. There are two houses we’re looking at this weekend and my father is coming with us to do some inspections. Fingers crossed!

As I said, there have been ups and downs. The big down portion is that Grendal’s grandmother passed away roughly two weeks ago. It was expected but that never softens the blow. It’s been hard on Grendal’s family. Things are slowly settling. We worry about grandpa. They had been married for 64 years. It’s hard to imagine what he is going through.

The only other positive thing that has happened is that I turned 30 on the 24th. I may be one of those few happy people to be 30. I’ve been told that these years will be good.

Things have to get better.