Something Happened

It was a big something.

Over this past month Grendal and I went through the process of getting our first home! While it isn’t exactly what we wanted there are many things that we love.

It’s 1,282 square feet, nearly 400 square feet over the footage of a small home blueprint we were looking at. I believe the extra footage comes from the basement, which the blueprints didn’t include. It feels like the perfect fit for Grendal, myself, and Divo(a coworker I have mentioned before). Not to mention the three four-legged kids of ours, soon to be four four-legged kids.

We have moved nearly all of our stuff into the house, save for small items here and there. The animals have adjusted for the most part. Tinker is more leery than the others but she has begun to wander and meow once more. Pippin barely gave a hoot about the move, though he misses having so many people fawning over him. And Yuko? Yuko is ecstatic! She finally has a yard that is fenced in, which means she can be off leash and run around like the hyper pup she is.

Speaking of the yard, it is just under half an acre. It is less than what we wanted but it enough for us right now. Especially when we remove the above ground pool. It has an area for a garden and a compost heap. I plan on taking a better look at the area come warm weather and figuring if needs to be wider than it already is. The front yard is a little small but we have plans for a fruit tree, yew shrubs, and flowers of some sort.

The amazing thing is that one of the previous owners was a metal worker, something Grendal has been wanting to do. The shed in the back yard is set up to handle metal working! Grendal is that much closer to smithing.

This past month has just been amazing. Neither Grendal or I have had much good luck in life, but things seemed to turn around. We have had friends help us in many ways, outpouring of support, and everything has fallen into place. Wash and dryer from a coworker for insanely cheaper. House warming gifts that weren’t expected. It has been wonderful.

While I am shy and nervous about confessing my personal spiritual thoughts in passing I can’t help but say something now. Months ago I had made a silent plea/prayer/thought to the gods. Odin at the forefront but I ‘spoke’ to them all. I expressed my want for a home but the more the need to escape the environment Grendal and I were in. I promised a proper altar inside and an offering area outside for the gods and wights. Nothing happened for some time. I was upset but kept going through what life and the environment had in store for us.

I thought they weren’t there. They didn’t hear me. I always doubt myself and worry about my beliefs. Not that They aren’t there but that there is something odd on my end.

They came through in their own time and we got the home that is perfect for us right now.

Now I have to pull through on my end of the deal.


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