And Tomorrow

There will be meat!  Meat Friday!  Meat, meat, meat.

No, I don’t do the Meatless Monday thing and I don’t do have any other weird diet.  Neither does Divo and Grendal.  We just didn’t have money to properly fill the fridge when we moved.  So Divo and I get paid tomorrow and we get to run to the grocery store and stock up.  There will finally be more than just remnants of pork and ground beef in the house! We also need a new trash can, and shelves for our dry pantry and we have bills to pay.

Being a “proper” adult sucks.

We knew about the new bills, though, and everything else that would have to go into this whole house thing.  I just get overly paranoid when it comes to our funds and more so now with the whole house thing looming.  We just have to take it easy.  Well, I do.  Grendal is a rock in these situations.

We’ve been on tight funds before and will be again, without a doubt.  I think it feels even worse now because if we screw up I feel like ‘there goes our home’.  The three of us know that we can’t get extravagant things anymore.  And by extravagant I mean video games left and right, BluRay whenever we want, going out to eat, and even those awesome boots I had my eye on since my birthday.  Or that telescope I was going to use my birthday money on, which ended up going towards the inspection on this very house.  It’s all good.  We’ve gone months without buying those things before because we didn’t want to.  Now that we shouldn’t it seems like a huge thing.

I think the biggest thing that we all realized that we have to be careful with is our groceries.  Grendal and I knew had talked about how expensive food was when we were at his parents’ place but now it seems to be even worse.  We know that a lot of our favorites will be gone, but it’s okay!  I can make bread at home for cheap, as can Divo.  We all like our veggies and don’t mind poking around in the discount area for meat.  I have been snagging the sales fliers for grocery stores we will be looking at.  While it may be tough in the beginning, we shall prevail!

This means I must forgo my precious sushi grade rice.

I like my rice.

I grew up on that rice.

Next pay day will Rice Saturday!


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