Bigger, Better

“Is it just a human problem that we’re never happy?”



“It’s not a human problem.  It’s a sociatal problem.”


“Yes.  We’ve been told we need bigger, better things from a young age.  We reach our goal and go for another one.”

“A bigger, better goal.”

“To get bigger, better things.”

“Gotta go to college to get a bigger, better job so you can get a bigger, better car and a bigger, better house-”

“Where you put all your bigger, better things.”

~5 minutes of silence/staring at each other~

“Why can’t we be happy with what we got?”

“We just have to realize we don’t need anything more.  We just want more.”


One thought on “Bigger, Better

  1. Tara says:

    Oddly, perhaps not oddly, I am working in another direction to have less, perhaps not smaller, but less. And moving in a direction where I don’t need to work as hard or as much to have the life I want.

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