Can I Breath Yet?

So, it has been a month since the disaster. I suppose it’s time for an update.

Divo is currently employed full-time with a big name coffee shop. While he is happy working with coffee once again he is not happy with the way they do it. He was spoiled by the hands on approach we had. We could tweak things, control things, and fine tune it all. At corporate coffee shop, not so much. He is bemoaning it all but I know he is enjoying himself to some degree.

Myself? I too have wandered back to corporate America. There is a clause in the papers I had to fill out stating that I can’t really talk about them so no name. I shall allude to them! They are big with bread. I think that is vague enough. I have been with them for a week now, having worked alongside Grendal previously. It’s odd to be in this atmosphere again. To make things worse I went from being a store manager of a small local store to being the bottom rung of a chain store. I bitched in my head how I knew how to do more then what they had me doing. Dishes, cleaning tables, and tidying the lobby? I could man drivethru if they let me. True, I don’t know how to make their meals but that is besides the point! Luckily I spent the better portion of my 9 hour shift learning how to construct their salads. I was happier. Not to mention I think they agreed to make me full-time.

I haven’t received a paycheck but Divo has and has gotten back to paying rent. We told him he could wait but he said he could and wanted to. It came like a blessing. We are getting towards the end of what little money we had. We have LINK for groceries but that doesn’t help with bills. Like I said, we have been lucky.

So, now we go day by day and see how things go. I no longer have the steady schedule that I was used to. Yes I can guess the time I start on a day that I work but there are to promised and consistent days off. It sucks to be back to that. There is the slightest of possibilities that may change in the near future. I have a friend and his long time girlfriend wanting to open up a coffee and game board place. They asked me to head the barista portion of it, and give them some idea of things that could be needed. They say the pay will be great. They have a backer and a plan. All I can do is cross my fingers and wish them luck.

Now I play the waiting game.