How Does Your Garden Grow?

With the blood of my enemies.

So Grendal and I have decided that a garden is going to be our thing. Two gardens, actually! We have bought the flowers for his garden in front and we have the seeds for our veggies in back! It shall be glorious. At least, I hope. We have tried a garden once before but it failed. We both worked wonky hours at the time and no one in his family felt like helping. But when they started their garden, dammit, we had to help. That garden did well until sister-in-law stopped receiving praise and then it rotted for half the year.

But I digress.

So we are doing the typical veggie thing and I have finally started eyeballing flowers. They aren’t really my thing. I know only a few by name and even fewer by glance(I know of the Tiffany rose thanks to my elder sister wanting a plant with her name), so when Grendal wanted to look for seeds I just went along. He has a color scheme worked out: deep purples, rich reds, and blues. There is a marigold in there, adding orange to it, and a black pansy as well. Grendal said as long as it fit his color scheme I could pick out a few flowers that I liked.

Of course leave it to me to find ones with interesting names that I think look amazing!

The two that we ended up snagging seeds for was Molten Fire and Love Lies Bleeding(respective pictures to follow). See what I mean about the names?

Love the reds!

Reminds me of dripping blood……Not really. Who came up with this name?

Other than the planting for decorations I did manage to get Grendal to okay this ceramic toad leftover from the coffee shop. We also have this guy:

His name is Luigi.

His name is Luigi.

He is a garden troll! We had been looking at garden tools and I wandered over to where the lawn ornaments were.  Giving odd looks to the flamingos and side eyeing the modern lawn gnomes(Monroe impersonators and bikers galore), marveling at the large amount of toads (ours could have a friend!) then I saw the trolls.  They were on the top shelf and I had to stand on my toes only slightly to grab at them.  There were quite a few!  Luigi, (going off of memory and some of my own name after this) Stumpy, Mother Troll, Father Troll, “Odin” Troll(barkskin cloak and hat!!), Two-Fries-Short-of-a-Kid’s-Meal troll, baby looking troll. I think that was it but I could be wrong.  They all had a very natural look to them and were very much a garden and lawn addition.  Of course I grabbed Luigi, showed him to Grendal and promptly brought him to the pack.  He was just as smitten as I was, and just as alarmed by the Gnomes near by.  We took Luigi home with us and placed him near the front door.  I plan on buying Mother Troll and placing her in the garden since she has a basket full of fruits and veggies.  I will probably grab the Odin looking troll and placing him in the garden in front as well.

The trolls are a welcome addition, especially since I was trying to think of a neighbor friendly item to represent the wight in the area.  Whether there is one or I am attracting it is still to be seen, but I will be placing offerings around the trolls to entice them.  Probably Luigi for the flowers and Mother Troll for the vegetable garden. the “Odin” troll will just be a nice little addition and surprise for anyone searching for such and odd thing.

Grendal and I plan on being that strange couple with the awesome looking house/garden.  I think the trolls and oddly named plants will key into that!