Loki, Can You Hear Me?

Because I hear you.

I have never had an issue with Loki. I acknowledge him, love his followers, and have placed drinks on the altar for both Loki and Odin. There had been no communication between myself and Loki.

Emphasis on had.

A few weeks ago I had this tug/sensation of a want for one of Grendal’s oatmeal cake cookies. So I grabbed one and placed it on the altar as an offering. It took a few days before I gave the reason to Grendal and he was interested in the reason.

One day I heard a whistling and a laugh and thought it had been Grendal in another part of the house, though it had come from the direction of the altar. It wasn’t Grendal and I was a little weirded out.

Over the next few days to weeks there would be strange little things occurring. Little things that leaned towards Loki’s presence in my life. The strangest one was playing Destiny, an FPS game by the makers of the Halo series(for those who don’t know the game). Grendal and I were camping out in an area waiting for a specific enemy when two other players showed up. One with the name Loki or RedLoki, something like that. This player followed me around for a good 10 minutes, jumping how I jumped, running after me, helping me take down a few enemies, and dancing around me. It weirded me out because of the person’s persistence. Grendal watched this and tried to get their attention away from me but it didn’t work.  Eventually we left but it stuck with me.

It culminated when Grendal and I went to the Field museum in Chicago to see their temporary Viking exhibit. In the middle of the display of blacksmithing was a stone item with Loki’s face chiseled into it. It struck a chord with me that I wasn’t expecting.

I hear you, Loki. I promise I’ll pay attention.


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