For the Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For

My vacation photos.  Yeah, I’m THAT person.  Semi-educational stuff goin’ on in these pictures, which will be posted beneath a cut for those who either don’t wanna look at what I did weeks ago or need to ready their phones for the incoming barrage of media.  Either way, pictures!  I do apologize for the low quality of the indoor shots at the museum.  We were using a different camera than normal and the majority of the shots came out so freakin’ blurry.

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An Amazing Thing Happened

Our computer, the one that bit the dust, has risen from the dead!

Grendal decided on a whim to switch to our old video card and the machine booted up. Went through a whole to do in safe mode, found ALL of our stuff and ran a malware and virus scan.  It’s running a little slow but the machine is “old”.  Now we can take our time and save up for a newer machine.

And when I say we found all of our stuff, I mean all of what we thought was lost.  Those anniversary pictures that I thought were gone forever?? They are still there. I will probably have a few choice shots posted later today.

This also guarantees renfair shots right away!