For the Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For

My vacation photos.  Yeah, I’m THAT person.  Semi-educational stuff goin’ on in these pictures, which will be posted beneath a cut for those who either don’t wanna look at what I did weeks ago or need to ready their phones for the incoming barrage of media.  Either way, pictures!  I do apologize for the low quality of the indoor shots at the museum.  We were using a different camera than normal and the majority of the shots came out so freakin’ blurry.

The Man-eater of Mfuwe.  The Tsavo Lions were also on display in the museum but none of our shots turned out right.  😦

Such a pretty drinking horn!!

I don’t know why but I wanted a picture of this skull.  >_>


Unfortunately you can’t really see it, but the teeth have been carved into slightly.  I’ve heard of this being done but this was the first time I saw one personally.   *o*

Love poem.

I don’t know why, but this struck me as funny.


A little display dispelling the myth about horned helmets and vikings.

And a random Buddha and a temple bell!

These pictures are from our trip to Devil’s Lake.  Grendal and I invited Divo because he had wanted to check the place out.  While it may be weird to drag someone else along on our anniversary, it just seemed right.  The three of us ended up hating the sun after this 8 hour long hiking trip, but it was fun overall.  Sweaty, but fun.

Divo flipping off the sign that had pissed Grendal and I off the last time we had hiked the path.  We had gone the wrong way, walking up said steep hill.  There is no warning at the bottom for anyone coming up it.  Jerks.

There is a face here, I swear.




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