We’ll Dream of Many Things

I don’t seem to dream as much as I used to. I don’t have a clear reason as to why. I remember having many strange, frightening dreams as a child. When I heard about dreamcatchers I was excited. Me being 10 or 11 I decided to buy a little dreamcatcher necklace and hang it over my bed. Sure enough the bad dreams seemed to stop. Then again, all my dreams seemed to stop.

This isn’t to say that I don’t dream at all. I do and the dreams have a tendency to be quite random. Grendal, though, is something else entirely.

Grendal is a lucid dreamer. Has been for as long as he can remember. Within the last two years he has been having very random night terrors. He knows, in the dream, when it’s happening because he cannot control them.  They have dealt with recently dead family members and strange spirits. Some how I manage to wake up before he begins screaming/moaning/shouting. It frightens me to no end and we usually lay in bed together, him holding me while we both calm down and he makes sense of it all.

He had a dream the other night. One he couldn’t really control but it wasn’t a night terror. He described it, roughly, as this:

We were running down our old street. For some reason we were living with my parents again. Anyway, we were running down the street to the house and the trees were electrified. Arcs of lightning between branches, jumping across the street. Flowers were lighting up like christmas lights.

I was freaking out but you couldn’t see any of it. You were getting so upset. I tried pointing it out but you only saw trees.

We finally get in and go to our old room.  I find an outfit made up of a white, sleeveless tunic and black pants with metal threading.

I thought about that dream for only a short time when something cropped up in the back of my mind. Thor.  I have always thought and told Grendal as much only recently, that if he ever really ventured down the Heathen path he could very easily become a Thorsman. He has always liked Thor’s imagery, symbology, and has an odd connection with goats.  This dream had also occurred the same day he tried crafting a bow for me. While it has never been stated in lore (as far as I can tell) both of us have associated Thor with crafting weapons and, well, blacksmithing.

So Grendal is thinking of an offering to place out for Thor and we have discussed dedicating his forge and workshop to both Thor and dwarves.

Things are gonna get interesting.


The Day I was a Magician’s Assistant

I love magic tricks! Slight of hand, card tricks, sawing someone in half. Without a doubt, if you show me a magic trick I revert to a five year old with wide eyes and a huge smile.

So, going to the fair on Saturday started out wonderfully. Not only did we get some awesome parking but we came across a magician just starting his show on the way to the first joust. Ivanovich was his name. We watched, and I became a kid. He needed two adults to help him in a trick, specifically to tie him up. Without skipping a beat I raised my hand. Never had I been on stage with a magician but I desperately wanted to. He saw me, asked if I wanted to help, and I said yeah with a big grin. I climbed on stage, someone cracked a joke that he had to be careful, I was wearing fur so I knew what I was doing. We all laughed.  The trick was fun and being right there made it amazing. It was a highlight.

Ivanovich saw me later, waiting for Grendal, and said hi, wished me a good day. It was awesome.

On to the stuff you’ve been wanting, though.  Pictures!  Still not as much as last year but this year we ended up watching more shows than we normally do.  Ah well!

As per usual, beneath the cut to save the people who don’t want to see it or don’t want their pieces of technology bogged down from the get go.  😀

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Where Have You Been?

I hear you say.

“We wanted this ren fair pictures!” you cry.  I am, of course, flattered that you are eagerly awaiting those.

But where have I been? What have I been doing?

Well, work has been a pain. Trainees abound, me working 6 days/40+ hours, and all of that. I have been bushed.

So, pictures will be put up after the weekend. The reasoning is two fold. First, I am not too keen on the shots I got. Secondly, we are actually going again this weekend! It is the last weekend of the year, Divo is joining us, and since we don’t have kiddos running about us, we can get proper shots. *fanfair*

But!  BUT! The major reason why I have been absent is this:

Spark of Life: Hidden Within the Pages Book 1

A book! My book!  My biggest dream has been achieved. I have a physical copy of the book on my kitchen table.

I worked on printing this for a week’s time, setting it up on Amazon to reach people. I feel so naked doing this. This is the most exposed I have ever felt. Only two people, besides myself, have read this thing but now ANYONE can read it.

I have been on cloud nine for a week now. Only a handful of people have begun reading this but I haven’t tried advertising yet. I don’t care, though! My stuff is out of my mind and into the world.

I am so freakin nervous.