Where Have You Been?

I hear you say.

“We wanted this ren fair pictures!” you cry.  I am, of course, flattered that you are eagerly awaiting those.

But where have I been? What have I been doing?

Well, work has been a pain. Trainees abound, me working 6 days/40+ hours, and all of that. I have been bushed.

So, pictures will be put up after the weekend. The reasoning is two fold. First, I am not too keen on the shots I got. Secondly, we are actually going again this weekend! It is the last weekend of the year, Divo is joining us, and since we don’t have kiddos running about us, we can get proper shots. *fanfair*

But!  BUT! The major reason why I have been absent is this:

Spark of Life: Hidden Within the Pages Book 1

A book! My book!  My biggest dream has been achieved. I have a physical copy of the book on my kitchen table.

I worked on printing this for a week’s time, setting it up on Amazon to reach people. I feel so naked doing this. This is the most exposed I have ever felt. Only two people, besides myself, have read this thing but now ANYONE can read it.

I have been on cloud nine for a week now. Only a handful of people have begun reading this but I haven’t tried advertising yet. I don’t care, though! My stuff is out of my mind and into the world.

I am so freakin nervous.


One thought on “Where Have You Been?

  1. Hooray!! Congratulations!! 😀

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