The Day I was a Magician’s Assistant

I love magic tricks! Slight of hand, card tricks, sawing someone in half. Without a doubt, if you show me a magic trick I revert to a five year old with wide eyes and a huge smile.

So, going to the fair on Saturday started out wonderfully. Not only did we get some awesome parking but we came across a magician just starting his show on the way to the first joust. Ivanovich was his name. We watched, and I became a kid. He needed two adults to help him in a trick, specifically to tie him up. Without skipping a beat I raised my hand. Never had I been on stage with a magician but I desperately wanted to. He saw me, asked if I wanted to help, and I said yeah with a big grin. I climbed on stage, someone cracked a joke that he had to be careful, I was wearing fur so I knew what I was doing. We all laughed.  The trick was fun and being right there made it amazing. It was a highlight.

Ivanovich saw me later, waiting for Grendal, and said hi, wished me a good day. It was awesome.

On to the stuff you’ve been wanting, though.  Pictures!  Still not as much as last year but this year we ended up watching more shows than we normally do.  Ah well!

As per usual, beneath the cut to save the people who don’t want to see it or don’t want their pieces of technology bogged down from the get go.  😀

My nieces ready to go!  The eldest was super happy/surprised because people wanted to get pictures of her in her outfit and from all the compliments.  The youngest just wanted to see the joust. HA!

Loved these ladies.  I believe they are supposed to be Orcish women, maybe lizardfolk.  Either way, they liked the fur I was wearing.  Loved ’em!!

Steam Powered Giraffe costume group!  More of them showed up but I didn’t get proper pictures,

So this was a Mario group during the Steampunk Invasion.  They were amazing and this picture doesn’t do them justice.  I mean, the little girl that was the Ba-bomb had a spinning key on her back just like the sprites do ingame.

A street magician who goes be The Raven.  It was kinda strange how many different Norse pulls were happening that day.  I mean, a Thor and Loki, this guy, and there was an Odin type later but I didn’t get a shot of him.  Why it was strange is the fact that through out all the years we’ve gone to this fair we have never seen this guy.  NEVER.  Two weeks later we went back and he wasn’t there.  This is what I get for making a wish/thought/whatever about it being interesting if there would be a sign at the fair.

My youngest niece cheered so hard.

My niece and her idol, Sir Maxxmillion!

The squire Freyja.  Kickass lady right here!

The Black Death.  This is a group of at least 10 people dressed in all black and no way of seeing their face.  They parade around the fair about 30 minutes before closing to announce as much.  Drums, whistles, chains.  It’s interesting to see.  I ran up to get shots of the group, the first time I have ever attempted to, and I was quickly surrounded by three of them.  I had seen them do this before to other people, just to creepy ’em out and it worked.  One nervous laugh later I was able to take my pictures.


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