What Just Happened?

So, we’ve begun gaming (D&D) and I am playing the character I had mentioned in a previous post.  It’s been two sessions and I only barely got a feel for him.  Then, out of the blue, backstory was being written in my head.  Unbidden!  It didn’t help that I was at work when it struck.  Luckily I grabbed a pen and some paper and jotted down what I could.

It was big thing for me.  Not only am I fleshing out this character even more, but it has been some time since I’ve written ANYTHING.  Writing has always been something I’ve done.  Something that I love to do.

So, if you happen to be curious why not read what is below the cut. It’s just shy of 500 words and is very rough.  Like I said, backstory!  What makes him tick without getting into the nitty gritty with his current companions.

                Nahkt knew about his mother’s secret from a young age. He had slipped out of his room on a balmy summer night and saw her, hunched over a freshly hired servant girl. The girl’s arm w as pressed to his mother’s lips, that unknown face set in a solemn expression of doomed acceptance. The girl was dead. Nahkt had never seen a dead body before that moment but as he stared into those eyes he knew there was no life flickering behind them. His mother called to him, her voice melodic as the lifeless arm fell from her grasp.

Without thought Nahkt went to his mother. He crawled over the motionless body and into his mother’s out stretched arms. She held him close and whispered his name as she always did. Her breath smelled of iron. Her lips were warm and sticky as they pressed against his forehead. They sat in the hallway until his father found them, his mother humming a nameless but calming tune as Nahkt stared down at the servant girl. She was beginning to smell sweet.

When most children were hearing stories about how babies came about, Nahkt learned of the finality of death. His parents sat him down and explained what had happened years prior. He finally had a reason to why his room was bared at night. Finally, Nahkt had a word. Vampire.

The Fleischer clan always had a vampire within the family. The privilege had always been passed to the eldest daughter once she became of age. Once turned the daughter would take charge of the family business, power, and money, the previous matriarch stepping down and doing what they will with their life. A husband would be found for her, one selected from the proper stock. The husband would be bound to the family, leaving behind his own in the process. The cycle would begin again. This generation, though, was different. Only one child had been born, and Nahkt was that child.

Nahkt was sworn to secrecy. No one could know. And no one did. He was groomed to take charge of the family. It was his father who taught him of business and that merchants were vital not only to their own wealth but to the well being of the city. Their family headed the merchants guild and they protected the other merchants as best as they could. They would also dispense justice if the need would arise.

His mother, though, would come to him at night and take him through the streets in the shadows. She would show him the world she lived in. What she endured. As Nahkt grew older she would let him watch her choose her victim and the events that followed. He learned about charm and how to sway people with simple touches and smiles. He learned of seduction. It was his mother who showed Nahkt that he was a sadist.


2 thoughts on “What Just Happened?

  1. Tara says:

    I have just started playing D&D as well. 🙂

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