Here, Have Some Screenshots

No, not of Fallout 4 but of characters I created with the Black Desert Online character creator!  I don’t want to play the game, I just want to make pretty, pretty D&D characters.

From top to bottom you have Kanaloa, Nahkt, and my baby Miirik, in humanoid form!  Two shots of her because I am a proud mama.


In Which I Crawl Out From (the fallout) Beneath my Blankets

So, holidays have come and passed.  The hectic life of the retail employee has died down as people recover from the spending.  My own dread and distaste has gone and so the humdrum life has crept back in.

So, what have I been doing for the past 3 months? Besides working, holidays, being annoyed by family, etc.?  Gaming, of course!  And not just D&D like was mentioned before my disappearance but thanks to a new PC game.

Fallout 4.  Surprise, surprise, I know.  I have a soft spot for Bethesda’s games, and while I like the sword and sorcery of the Elder Scrolls Saga there is a nice charm with Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.  And, again no surprise here, I have begun the foray into taking screenshots galore.  The reactions of companions aren’t as amazingly hilarious as the Mass Effect companions, but I do find the humor there.  They have romantic companions, a term I use loosely because its more like ‘I like you, do you like me? Yes? Cool. We are together.’ Sure you have to be charismatic enough and do enough things for the character to like you, but there is nothing IN GAME other than dialogue to show for it.  Well, you get a perk or two but that’s it!  No hugs.  No smooches.  No wiggly eyebrows and innuendo. Nothing.

Modding community, I am waiting for you to work your magic once the kit comes out (which is taking too damn long).

Other than screenshots I have tumbled down the family hole of the internet that contains fandom workings, mainly fanfiction.  Mainly the Fallout Kink Meme site.  I know, I know. Smut galore but there are the fluffy things.  The comforting works.  The friends being dorks and taking on the world. Alternate Universe stories.  But yes, there is smut.  And with this current fandom my only contribution has been 3 pieces of work, two smutty and one smut-adjacent.  I consider it to be a way for my flex my writing abilities.

I do openly admit to people online and to real world friends that I write smut/erotica (word choice depends on the person).  I am, however, VERY reluctant to fork over said pieces, and there are a few, of any erotic work that I have written.  It makes me nervous.  People know that I have a dirty mind and pairing that up with the fact that I have been with Grendal for 10+, there is no doubt that I have done ‘the nasty'(my inner child giggled at that).  Yet for me to hand something to a friend and ask them to read about two characters getting it on in some way, I clam up.  So the anonymity of the internet is my friend.

But yes, I am back.  Nothing other than holidays and gaming has taken place over my absence.  Sad but not much so.  Winter is a time to reflect for me and stay cozy.  Unfortunately this hasn’t really been winter.  I suppose that’s the reason why I have been so pissy.

Backstories For Everyone!

So, Dungeons and Dragons.  We have a game running.  There are quite a few of us, much to Grendal’s (our DM) dismay.  There are 8 of us.  Twice the expected capacity to run a streamlined game.  He has run large games before, he knows he can do it, but some of the players aren’t as proactive as he likes.  Here is the rundown of classes that we have:

1 warlock, 2 rogues, 2 fighters, 1 beastmaster, 1 cleric, 1 alchemist.

It’s been interesting, to say the least.  We aren’t as balanced as we had hoped and then we have the alignments to think of.  Half of us are playing evil aligned characters.  Namely 2 chaotic evil, 1 neutral evil, and 1 lawful evil.  Oddly enough nothing bad has happened!  The cleric either doesn’t know or doesn’t care, and us evil folk haven’t done anything outright evil yet, and believe me when I say two of us have some plans.

Now, one of the things that Grendal wants us as players to do is interact with each other, in character.  He wants us to build our friendships and have fun!  R-o-l-e play rather than r-o-l-l play for a bit.  Last night we succeed!  At least, two of us did and it was more the alchemist and I (warlock) coming up with plans, giggling, and flirting either with each other or the npcs, or the other character we were traveling with.  And through that it seems like a backstory has been created between my character, the alchemist, and one of the rogues.

Nahkt and these two (both male characters played by men) have been friends since, roughly, childhood.  Through idle chitchat it seems that these two have known and accepted Nahkt’s sadomasochistic ways and, on multiple occasions, have been part of them.  One, the rogue, apparently enjoys being tied up and the alchemist enjoys whipping, a la erotic flagellation, and has scaring up and down his back(from what the player reports).  The alchemist and Nahkt have down these on multiple occasions apparently, he has joined Nahkt in doing these things to others, and there has been a time where the two were involved, though it seems not romantically.  Not to mention it sounds like the alchemist has tried to do something with Nahkt’s mother.  Don’t know how that worked out.

Mind you, I usually approach players outside of the game to ask if they want our characters to have some sort of history (romantic or otherwise) and plan together.  These two just went with whatever they wanted and I rolled with it, more so the guy playing the alchemist.  Our characters have dug up dead bodies, robbed graves, he was present when my character broke a knight, is egging me on to try my hand on the cleric, I am helping him with the beastmaster, and we are planning on borrowing some orphans for some alchemical and arcane experiments.

So, you have my lawful evil character and one of the chaotic evil characters in cahoots!  This is the most fun I’ve had in a while.

And of course you have me who is wondering how far I can push this creepy sadomasochistic relationship with these characters.

Bad, PC, bad.